IX. Sanctions

When a student is found Responsible, the Conduct Body will determine what sanction(s), if any, is necessary to:

  • Provide an educational experience for the student,
  • Assist the student in understanding and accepting the consequences of personal actions and decisions,
  • Give the student an opportunity to give back to the community, and
  • Uphold the safety of the PLU learning community.

Sanctions depend upon the particular circumstances of each incident and may be imposed singly or in combination, as appropriate for the circumstances. In determining a sanction, the Conduct Body may consider a student’s Conduct history at PLU, as well as other information available to it which PLU deems, in its sole discretion, relevant.

Repeated violations of policy may result in a cumulative effect for sanctioning. Thus, continued violations of policy may result in more severe sanctions and may result in the removal of the student from the university.

Good Standing

To be in “Good Standing with respect to Student Rights and Responsibilities” means that a student is not expelled, suspended, on deferred suspension, or on disciplinary probation. A student is also not in Good Standing with respect to Student Rights and Responsibilities if he/she fails to complete sanctions by the stated due date. If a student is not in Good Standing with respect to Student Rights and Responsibilities, he/she may be restricted from all or any part of campus facilities, activities, or programs, depending on the nature of the violation.

Failure to Complete Sanctions

Students who fail to complete assigned sanctions in the timeline given are not in Good Standing respect to Student Rights and Responsibilities and will be placed on Student Life Hold. Additionally, students who fail to complete sanctions are subject to the imposition of more severe sanctions, up to and including removal from the university. Student Life Hold prohibits students from registering for classes, acquiring transcripts, accessing student accounts and grade reviews. When possible, students will be notified if this action is taken.

Parent/Guardian Notification

The university reserves the right to inform parents or guardians when students are referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities System and/or notify parents or guardians of outcomes and/or imposed sanctions.

Deferral of Sanctions

If the Conduct Body believes the student will benefit from an alternative course of action, (i.e., referral to the Counseling Center or Health Center) some sanctions may be imposed and then deferred.

If the student fails to follow through with alternative options proposed, or is involved in a new infraction during the deferral period and is found to have engaged in misconduct, the deferral may be removed in PLU’s sole discretion, and the original sanction reinstituted. In addition, the sanction for the new misconduct may be more severe than the original sanction.

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