Student Involvement and Leadership

Why do We Vote?

As a democratic republic, our government doesn’t work without active citizens.  Think of a car without an engine or a computer without a hard drive—a democracy without voters is nothing more than a shell with no real legitimate power.  Our government was designed so that our voices would be accounted.  While it’s sometimes easy to think “my one vote won’t make a difference” the reality is that every vote counts.  Think about Florida in 2000.  While your vote may only be a whisper, when it is combined with the votes of others who share your opinions it quickly becomes a roar.  Make sure you roar fierce and make your voice heard.

Don’t Forget about the Rest of the Ballot!
With all the attention placed on the presidential candidates and their vice-presidents, it’s easy to forget about everything else that will be on the ballot this November.  Members of Congress and state officials are up for election.

A number of important initiatives, referendums, and constitutional amendment are on the ballot as well.  While being informed about the presidential candidates is extremely important, learning about the other aspect of the ballot is vital.  Check out for more information on ballot measures in your state.

Mail-in Ballots
Are you eager to vote in the elections this year but can’t make it to your home county’s election polling place? Don’t worry, you can still vote by using a Mail-In Ballot! We have collected and put together information about how to request one from the states that have a substantial amount of representation at PLU. If you don't see your state listed check out GoVoteAbsentee or write to, the Clubs & Orgs Intern, for more information!

Voter Registration Guidelines
Pacific Lutheran University actively promotes voter registration and voting through a civic engagement campaign called "I Will Vote." From September to November, students are encouraged to review their voter information, register (if necessary) and turn in their ballot. Click here to check out PLU's Voter Registration Guidelines.


I Will Vote was a non-partisan social media campaign designed to encourage PLU voters to make a visual pledge to vote in the General Election.. Community members from anywhere in the University, students, faculty, alumni and staff, were invited to take pictures of themselves with the phrase that say "I Will Vote" and submit them to the Clubhouse.

Quick Links

Student Voting Rights

As a college student, you have the right to vote where you go to college OR in the town where you grew up!


Provides the voting history of every political leader on every issue available.

Self-described "Voter's Self-Defense System." The offer basic information on keeping your vote free from partisan influence.