Student Involvement and Leadership

Mission Statement

The Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University consciously promote the vision and reflect the many voices of our student body. As leaders, who are cognizant of the future, we uphold the tradition of positive action by mentoring new student leadership and recognizing the need for change, with knowledge and respect for the strong structural basis of ASPLU. To lead in collaboration with our campus, we focus both outwards on our partnerships with student clubs and organizations, faculty, staff, and administration of the greater Pacific Lutheran University community as well as inwards on ourselves. Therefore the mission of the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University is to promote the growth of the collective student body community as a whole, while actively encouraging the advancement of the individual.

Outdoor Rec

ASPLU Outdoor Recreation will provide for the PLU community the highest quality outdoor activities and education in an empowering environment where safety is a priority.

We are committed to :

  • Providing qualified and experienced outdoor leadership
  • Encouraging the development of an appreciation of wilderness environments and a minimum impact ethic
  • Providing access to a wilderness setting for PLU students and Faculty
  • Developing foresting skills for a diverse population in a non-intimidating setting
  • Providing a variety of well organized, cost effective activities