The Student Life division provides high-quality resources for students.  We invite you to become acquainted with the people and programs of the Student Life division.  We want to know you and want you to know us!  Personal contact is important, and we hope you will visit our offices for additional information or just to get to know us.

Resources for Students

The Athletic Department provides leadership for student-athletes involved in 20 varsity sports (affiliated with the Northwest Conference), intramural activities, and five club sports, including cheerleading.  In addition to sport activities, Athletics is responsible for operation of the Names Fitness Center and the Swimming Pool.
Olson Gymnasium and Auditorium, Rm. 101

We're Here to help you!

Have a question and unsure where to go or who to talk to? No problem! Contact us at or 253-535-7191.

Did You Know?

Student Life works regularly with the Student Services Center, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, Registrar's Office, and many other student support offices on campus.

Campus Ministry
The Campus Ministry Office is dedicated to nurturing and challenging the life of faith and reason.  Responding to the call of the Gospel, we provide opportunities for students to grow in their God-given talents for vocations in the world and church, and to discover ways we can serve God and our neighbor on campus and in the greater community.
University Center, Rm 190

Campus Safety
The purpose of the Campus Safety office is to provide an effective operating force of trained personnel to protect the university and its community.  Employees may regulate parking and traffic, assist with crime prevention, provide appropriate public services to the university community, assist law enforcement officers and perform such functions as are needed to protect and assist the university community and its visiting public.
Harstad Hall, Rm G-282 (basement)

Career Development
The skills and experience gained by being involved transcend the college years; more and more, employers, graduate programs and other post-graduate possibilities are seeking well-rounded applicants.  We offer PLU students personal assistance with job search techniques, resume writing, mock interviews, and on-line recruiting and employment.  An extensive library of career and major options are available for students, as well as counseling opportunities to aid in understanding of personal talents, skills, values and interests.
Ramstad Hall (Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides free and confidential short-term counseling and therapy, medication consultation, and referrals for the PLU community.  Our professional staff of psychologists are here to listen to your concerns, no matter how large or small.
University Center 300 (3rd Floor, Mezzanine)

Disability Support Services
PLU is committed to assisting students with either permanent or temporary disability by providing a variety of services that will accommodate their specific need.  Our professional staff includes disability specialists who work closely with students to assess their individual needs and link them with the necessary services.  Appropriate documentation of a disability is required from a physician or appropriate professional.  All student records and information are kept confidential
University Center 300 (3rd Floor, Mezzanine)
TDD: 253-536-5074

Diversity Center
PLU is committed to being a diverse community.  All students are welcome at the Diversity Center.  Staffed by student Diversity Advocates, underrepresented student populations are welcomed and supported in this inviting office for all students to visit.  Clubs, regularly scheduled programs and events are offered to present education and encouragement for multicultural awareness on campus.
University Center, Rm 150

Health Center
The Health Center provides a full range of medical care that is student oriented.  It is a confidential clinic offering physical exams (for sports, travel and annual check ups), care for illnesses and injuries, immunizations and medication.  Students consult the Health Center for many issues, such as mood disorders, sleep issues, travel abroad, nutrition and health education.  In addition, they address concerns about sexuality, including STD testing, pap smears and birth control.
121st and Park Ave.

Residential Life
You will only spend about a third of your time in class.  So what will you do with the rest of your time?  The educational mission of PLU is not limited to the classroom experience.  Living on campus is an integral part of a student's educational experience.  Residential Life supports and encourages activities which allow students to explore interests, gain an understanding of others, and promotes self-reliance and leadership.
University Center, Rm 161

Student Employment
We provide comprehensive resources and counseling for students at every point in their career planning: employment (part-time, full-time, work-study), internships, and career choice.  The Student Employment Office is also eager to develop relationships with employers who are looking for talented interns, and part-time or full-time employees. We encourage you to visit us in Ramstad Hall, early and often throughout your PLU experience.
Ramstad Hall (Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Student Involvement and Leadership
Academics and student activities go hand in hand at PLU, enhancing student and leadership development.  Whatever your interests, PLU has a wide array of programs, organizations and opportunities available to help you make the most of your college experience.
University Center, Rm 161

Office of the Vice President
The Vice President's office ensures that student's questions get answered and that their opinions get communicated throughout the University.  Staff members assist students in connecting to campus resources and campus life.
Hauge Administration, Rm 105