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PLU Campus Safety
Your Safety at PLU

To All PLU Students

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome Back to Campus!

We're all looking forward to a productive semester of teaching and learning as well as some great times enjoying good friends and fun. As we all get back into the swing of things we want to remind you to be sure to keep your own safety and the safety of others in mind at all times.

The campus is an urban setting and is an open campus. With that openness in mind we would like to remind everyone that personal safety is a matter of awareness and preparation. The PLU community is one which does a good job of looking out for each other, but it never hurts to review good practices.

Here are a few safety tips for your review:

Reporting Emergencies / Assistance


Should you need to report an emergency of any type while off-campus, please call 911.  For on-campus emergencies, call x7911 from on-campus phones or 253-535-7911 from your cell phone, after calling 911.  This will allow Campus Safety to assist victims or assess the situation and assist first responders with the emergency.  If you are near one of the many Emergency Blue Phones around campus, you may use them for immediate contact to the Campus Safety office.  Again, please program the emergency number into your phone so that it is available if you need it.

Blue Light Phones

These phones are located throughout campus and in many of the parking lots.  They are identified by their tall and thin towers with the word “EMERGENCY” printed on them.  You can use the phone to call for a shuttle, an escort, or for help in case of an emergency.  Each phone connects directly to Campus Safety.

Safety Around Campus

Off-Campus Parties (click here for Fall's safety reminder message)

Hosts: Remember you carry responsibility for the safety and well-being of your guests. Have a “Designated Host” who is monitoring the gathering. Keep your events small and the activities legal. Please do not risk attracting attention of unwanted guests or let them join your event, e.g. by the size, visibility or noise level of your gathering or by advertising publicly (or on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) The Sheriff’s deputies working for Campus Safety can assist you in disbursing unwanted gatherings.

Guests: Ultimately, you are responsible for your own personal safety wherever you are. Among the things you can do are: utilize safety resources, be alert to your surroundings, avoid dangerous times of night, and keep your physical and thought processes unimpaired.

Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies

On most days and nights of the week, PLU employs off-duty sheriff deputies to work for the university in patrolling the campus perimeter.  If you need assistance from a deputy, you can call Campus Safety and they will work with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department to expedite assistance.

Walking Escorts and Shuttle Program

Our Escort and Shuttle service is available to provide a walking escort on campus or a ride within the PLU perimeter.  The walking escort is available 24/7, all year long.  The Shuttle program was created to provide students with safe transportation around the campus.  It is not intended to be used as a means for routine transportation.  Remember that at peak times, such as Friday and Saturday evenings, your wait might be longer than usual.  We will let you know when you call how soon the shuttle can be there.

Safety On Campus

circle of 6

The "Circle of 6" Personal Safety Cell Phone App

PLU Green Dot, the Women's Center and Campus Safety have teamed up to promote the use of a FREE safety app for your smartphone.  The "Circle of 6" app lets you choose six trusted friends that you would contact for help if you find yourself in an uncomfortable or risky situation.  This app allows you to automatically send your circle of friends a pre-programmed SMS alert message, with your exact location.  The short message can ask for a ride home or let them know you need someone to call you.  You can also add the PLU Campus Safety number (253-535-7441) as a Hotline Number, making Campus Safety only a quick phone call away.  Take a moment to view the Circle of 6 website or view this short video.

Residence Halls

For your safety the residence halls are locked at all times. You can use your LuteCard to access any hall. Please do not prop the doors open. Make sure that anyone who enters a hall is a student who has access or is an escorted guest. Do not assume that anyone belongs in a hall, and beware of those who are "piggy-backing" behind you as you enter. Be assertive and ask questions. If you have any suspicions please contact a residence hall staff member or Campus Safety promptly. Remember to always carry your LuteCard for identification purposes. There may be a time that you are asked for proof of identity to access a PLU facility.

Vehicle Safety

Be sure to lock your car and do not leave anything of value visible in the car (iPod’s and accessories, purses, backpacks, GPS units, etc.). Most of the parking lots have video camera surveillance and are marked so, but that does not guarantee that no harm can come to your car. Be sure your car is registered with Campus Safety so you can be contacted if anything happens to it.

Restricted From Campus

Periodically, our Campus Safety staff has to Restrict From Campus (or criminally trespass) individuals who have, through their actions and behavior, violated laws or rules, policies or procedures at PLU. These individuals are usually not from the PLU community and, as such, may not be recognizable to most of our students, staff or faculty. As a result of this process, Campus Safety suggests that members of our community periodically check the Campus Safety web site to update themselves as to who those RFC’d individuals might be. To see the list of RFC'd individuals please click here.

Emergency Preparations

PLU has developed a comprehensive plan to prepare for, react to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.  Part of this plan is yearly training and drills.  Although these can be inconvenient, it is important for you to practice what you would do in a real situation.  Drills planned for this Spring are:

Evacuation and Fire Drills:

Week of February 10 (Residence Halls)

Week of March 3 (All academic and administrative buildings)

Should you need any further information, you are welcome to contact Campus Safety anytime.

Have a great and safe spring semester.

Greg Premo
Director of Campus Safety
Contract City Chief, Pierce County Sheriff's Department

PLU Campus Safety
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447



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