The New and Returning Faces
of Student Life


Each year, responsibilities and faces from the Division of Student Life change a bit. Below, we offer a visual of who we are: our leadership team and the departments they oversee.

Eva Johnson

Eva Johnson returns this year as Dean for Student Development, and continues her role as Director of Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL).  She oversees divisional assessment and retention programs, as well as student activities and leadership programs. 

Tom Huelsbeck

Tom Huelsbeck is the Associate Dean for Campus Life, and Executive Director of Residential Life.  The daily operations of Campus Safety and parking issues report to Tom.  (In situations requiring emergency operations, Campus Safety reports to the Vice President for Student Life).

Laurie Turner returns as the Director of Athletics.  Laurie supervises Intercollegiate Athletics, Club Sports, Intramurals, Outdoor Recreation, and the Fitness Center. 


Laurie's staff includes:

Left to right: Jud Keim - Assistant Football Coach; Heather Kreier - Head Cross Country / Track & Field Coach; Jennifer Childress (new) - Head Women's Basketball Coach; Scott Westering - Head Football Coach; Jen Thomas - Associate Athletic Director (Compliance & Student Athlete Affairs); Laurie Turner - Director; Seth Spidahl - Head Women's Soccer Coach; Aaron Gunther - Head Athletic Trainer; Anna Fukunaga (new) - Assistant Athletic Trainer; Craig McCord - Assistant Football Coach; Luann Corso - Assistant to the Director; Geoff Loomis - Assistant Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach; Steve Dickerson - Head Men's Basketball Coach; Chris Rice - Strength and Conditioning Coach and Fitness Coordinator; Matt Sellman - Head Swim Coach and Director of Aquatics; Tyler Scott (new) – Director of Communications; Sarah Hebel (new) - Marketing & Social Media Coordinator; Rob Thompson (new) - Coordinator of Recreation; Todd Yamauchi - Assistant Athletic Trainer, Erin Brooks (new) - Head Softball Coach.

Not pictured: Kevin Aoki - Head Volleyball Coach; Mike Fosnick - Head Women's Golf Coach; Rocky Poulin - Head Men's Tennis Coach; Thomas Schlenker - Head Women's Rowing Coach; Kris Swanson - Head Men's Golf Coach; Lorrie Wood - Head Women's Tennis Coach; and John Yorke - Head Men's Soccer Coach.

campus ministry

Continuing this year are University Pastors Nancy Connor (middle) and Dennis Sepper (right), with Jennifer Walleman (left) as the Campus Ministry Administrative Assistant.

Greg Premo (left) is the Director of Campus Safety, and a Sergeant with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

campus safety

Greg is pictured with (left to right): Operations Supervisors Adam Schreiber, Shep Clarke (new) and Jason Weaving; Parking Enforcement Officer Annmarie Pearson, Professional Safety Officer Joe Olson, Campus Safety Assistant Jennifer Gierke;  Professional Safety Officer Shawn Thompson (new); and Parking Enforcement Officer Jackie Schaffrath.

Not pictured: Assistant Director Ron Giddings; Operations Supervisor Michael McDonald; Professional Safety Officers Mat Hitchiner, Alex Bodenhamer (new), and Veejay Lach (new).

Ramstad Commons houses the following offices: Academic Advising, Academic Assistance, the Center for Community Engagement and Service (CCES), and Career Connections (which encompasses the following departments: Academic Internships, Career Development, and Student Employment). 

Catherine Swearingen (back row, fourth from left) is the new Director of Career Connections.  She reports to both the Provost and the Vice President for Student Life.

ramstad commons

Pictured above are members of Ramstad Commons: 

Top Row (left to right):  Director of Academic Assistance Leslie Foley; Assistant Director of Academic Assistance Katherine Bourdonnay; Director of Academic Internships Maxine Herbert-Hill; Director of Career Connections Catherine Swearingen; Coordinator for Student Employment and Technology Tommy Skaggs; Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Services (CCES) Tiffany Lemmon; AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Rachel Haxtema (new); Academic Advisor Andrea Shea (new).

Bottom Row (left to right):  Director of Academic Advising Hal DeLaRosby; Transfer Student Advisor Abigail Blankner; Director of CCES Joel Zylstra; Academic Advisor Heather Brett (new); Career Counselor Paul Bauer (new); Assistant Director of Academic Advising Allison Stephens; Recruiting and Outreach Manager of Career Connections Tracy Pitt.

Not pictured: Senior Administrative Assistant Kim O’Rourke (new to Ramstad Commons).

Returning Director Matt Freeman, DNP, MPH, (middle, front row) oversees both the Health Center and the Counseling Center

Paula Burns (left) is the new Director of Disability Support Services (DSS), which shares office space with the Counseling Center.  Myles Getman (second from left) returns as Administrative Assistant, and assists both the Counseling Center and DSS. 


Pictured above (left to right):  Director of Disability Support Services Paula Burns; Administrative Assistant Myles Getman; Medical Assistant Crystal Kennedy (new); Nurse Practitioner Marit Featherstone (new); Director Matt Freeman; Psychologist Lizz Barton; Clinic Coordinator Doreen Splinter; Psychologist Caleb Shepard (new); Counselor Amber Williams (new); Counselor Cheri Campbell.

Not pictured: Administrative Assistant Ruth Kohler, Nurse Practitioner Tamsin Sarich, ARNP Stephanie Batalao (new), Psychologist Joanne Ito, Psychiatrist Liban Rodol, Assistant to the DSS Director Becky Sebasty (new), and Intern Maureen Murray (new).

Associate Dean for Campus Life and Executive Director of Residential Life Tom Huelsbeck (middle) works with Director of Residential Programs Jes Takla (third from right).  Jes is new this year and oversees the Resident Directors.

residential life

This year, Tom welcomes Senior Office Assistant Ginny Cooper (fourth from right), and two new Resident Directors: Dan Hammerquist (third from left) for Tingelstad Hall; and Melissa Williams (second from right) for Harstad Hall. 

Pictured above (left to right):  RD for Foss and Pflueger Halls Joe Harper Kowalczyk; RD for Ordal and Stuen Halls Mercy Daramola; RD for Tingelstad Hall Dan Hammerquist; RD for Hinderlie and Hong Halls Kat Slaby; Associate Dean Tom Huelsbeck; Office Supervisor and Facilities Coordinator Rebecca Rumpza; Sr. Office Assistant Ginny Cooper; Director Jes Takla; RD for Harstad Hall Melissa Williams; and RD for South and Kreidler Halls Allison Carroll.

Not pictured: Residential Operations Coordinator Dana McDonald.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) houses The Diversity Center, International Student Services, the nationally recognized and award winning- Student Leadership Institute, and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (formerly Student Conduct). 

SIL also oversees programs related to new student orientation, student media, student government (ASPLU), student clubs and organizations, the EXPLORE! retreat, Emerging Leaders, and support for commuter, transfer and veteran students.


Eva Johnson (back row, second from left), who is the Dean for Student Development and Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, welcomes Administrative Assistant Debbie Darms (front row, second from left) to the SIL team this year.

Joining her and returning are (left to right): Associate Director for Student Rights and Responsibilities Ray Lader; Diversity Center Programs Coordinator Nicole Juliano; Assistant Director for Orientation, ASPLU, Clubs/Organizations Ian Jamieson; Associate Director Amber Baillon; Director of the Diversity Center Angie Hambrick; Associate Director of International Student Services Akane Yamaguchi; and Associate Director of Technology and Social Media Lace Smith.

Student Life

Laura Majovski (middle) has retired as Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.  Remaining are Senior Associate Laree Winer (left), and Senior Administrative Assistant Barbara Barnett (right).