Student Services

Financial Information

Estimate Your Costs

Dollar Button for Cost EstimatorPLU has created an Estimator Worksheet to help you calculate your owing/credit balances to attend PLU.

You will need the following to complete the worksheet:

  1. Cost Information sheet
  2. Your PLU Offer of Financial Aid, if applicable (For current information go to your Bannerweb)

Dollar Button for Cost EstimatorClick on the green button to go to the Estimator Worksheet.

  1. To move from entry to entry, use your TAB key
  2. The columns will automatically add/subtract
  3. Any problems? Contact the Student Services Center at 253.535.7161 or

Payment Due Dates

2013-2014 Academic Year

  • Summer – First day of class
  • Fall – August 25
    *Lute Discount – July 25
  • J-term – December 25
  • Spring – January 25
    *Lute Discount – December 25


PLU offers students a $75 discount to those who meet certain criteria. The discount is offered for fall and spring semesters only. Information is in the Fall and Spring Semester Statements. Current Lute Discount Form can downloaded on the Document and Forms webpage.


  • Semester “Out-of-Pocket” costs must be $3000 or more
  • “Out-of-Pocket” costs can not include TMS (Tuition Management Systems/monthly payment plan), Third Party payments, Loans, Employer Reimbursement, etc.
  • Owing balances from previous terms/semesters cannot be included
  • Any previous owing balances are to be paid, including J-term to receive Spring Lute Discount
  • The online Payment Contract must be signed for the academic year you are paying
  • Lute Discount form must be submitted to the Student Services Center by stated deadline