Office ofStudent Employment

Fitness Center Student Employee profile

Brady Tsukamaki

Name: Brady Tsukamaki   Year in School: Senior

Major:  BSPE w/ emphasis in pre-physical therapy, Minors in Biology and Psychology

Do you have work study? no

About how many hours a week do you work? 6-10

Job Title: Names Fitness Center

How did you find your current job? I am on the track and field team so I am in the fitness center a lot. I also looked on the student employment website.

What are some of the challenges of your job? Knowing all the various lifts for the various sports teams in order to show them if they don't know what it is.

Is this your only job? If no what other jobs do you have? I also work as a PT aide at what strengths Physical Therapy on Pearl St. a couple day a week.

What is the work environment like? It is very fun and relaxed. You get to learn a lot of different strengthening exercises and work with a lot of different people.

How do you like working on campus? I enjoy working on campus because you don't have to drive anywhere and you always get to see familiar faces.

How long have you been working this job? This is my third year.

Is it hard to balance school and work? Sometimes, depending on exam dates, etc. Staying organized is very helpful.

Do you have any advice for student who are looking for jobs on campus? Don't stress about finding a job because there are a lot of different opportunities and job availabilities that the campus provides.