Office ofStudent Employment

Ramstad Commons Student Employee profile

Kyra Garnich

Name: Kyra Garnich   Year in School: Sophomore

Major:  Communication

Do you have work study? yes

About how many hours a week do you work? 12-15

Job Title: Academic Advising Office Assistant

How did you find your current job? A professor recommended me.

What are some of the challenges of your job? Needing to know about so many different areas of PLU to direct students correctly.

Is this your only job? If no what other jobs do you have? Yes this is my only job.

What is the work environment like? Very warm, welcoming, and happy.

How do you like working on campus? I like it a lot. It makes me feel more connected and part of the PLU family.

How long have you been working this job? Since February 2010.

Is it hard to balance school and work? Only if you don't prioritize well, school come first.

Do you have any advice for student who are looking for jobs on campus? Be involved in your classes and get to know your professors, you never know when that could lead to a job recommendation/ opportunity.