Office ofStudent Employment

On Campus Employers:

Student employees play an important role on campus and are critical to the success of PLU programs and services.  Students who work on campus often become more vested in their education and take pride in their work as they further develop professional skills. 

Working on campus can foster connections to the campus community and improve the chances of successful completion of their degree program at PLU.

As a supervisor you are in a position to help the student succeed and you will likely serve student employees in many different roles.  At various times, you will be a mentor, a role model or a friend and you will be in a position to influence and ensure that students will benefit from their work experience.  You also serve to ensure that PLU is benefiting from the resources invested in student employees in terms of training, time and funding. Please refer to the "On Campus Supervisor Handbook" listed below to help make the connection between the University, employer, and student employee a strong one.