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Links to Cool Globally-focused Websites

There is a myriad of information out there on study away options. Check out the Wang Center's list of online resources to start looking at ticket prices, figure out how to get your passport, places to visit and more. In addition, we've included a couple of our favorite globally-focused sites here:


Glimpse is an online magazine affiliated with National Geographic where students share stories from study away experiences. Read, watch, and look at their content or join the conversation and submit your own stories!

World Hum

A site for travel writers with great content on everything having to do with traveling and cross-cultural experiences. Their "how to" section is especially fun if you ever wanted to lick ants in Australia or be up on the best tactics to prevent a monkey attack...

Matador Network

Need a place to procrastinate? This site has tons of info about trip ideas, traveling tips, places to see, and more.


A sweet (sometimes literally) site about cuisines and food around the world. Check it out before you go to see what you might be eating or after you come back to get recipes of your favorite local food from your host country.


Fun geography quizzes if you want to explore different parts of the world, get to know the region you're heading off to a little bit better, or just impress your friends.

Life After Study Abroad

A great resource for students returning from study away, offering tons of articles about dealing with the challenges of re-entry, going abroad again after graduation and finding globally-focused careers.