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Here are some links for ways to stay sustainable while studying away!

Next, check out these cool ways to give back!

  • Offset your travel with a monetary donation at one of the footprint sites above or at another site like CarbonFund.
  • Volunteer at the PLU Organic Community Garden
  • Take more time to be aware of your environmental impact on the Earth: turn off lights, keep the heat down, plant a garden... every little bit counts!
  • Check out PLU's Volunteer Center website or go to the office (in Ramstad) to see more opportunities to give back to the Earth!

Photo courtesy Jacob Pugh

Environmentalist Bill McKibben, said, "To me the only excuse for [airplane] travel is to go someplace, see something different about how to live in the world, bring it home and do something about it. Travel that just allows you to replicate your life here in America but in a warmer climate is no longer a really supportable idea. That's why study abroad probably is the single most important kind of travel that people can do if it's being done in a context where the administrators and teachers are exposing [students] to the rest of the world...then it's not just okay, it's a real environmental gift."