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While You Are Away

While you are away, you will still need to handle some matters here at PLU in order to prepare to be back on campus.

In addition to the info below, use the links on the right for class registration, PLU housing, graduation, and voting.

PLU Catalog The catalog is available on PLU's website. You will find that the online catalog will be helpful when selecting your courses for your return, to check on major and minor requirements, and also as a guide for selecting program courses abroad.

Financial Aid Awards. The Student Services Center and the Financial Aid office work together to assist students with the disbursement of their financial aid checks. Mailing checks abroad to students for endorsements is "risky business" for all concerned. Before you leave the country, be sure to take these appropriate measures:

Stafford Loan, Supplemental Loan and any state grants (e.g. Washington Scholar, Washington State Needs Grant, Alaska Student Loan, etc): You must sign a Power of Attorney form and leave it with the Wang Center, which will share it with Student Services.

Perkins Loan: Sign a Promissory Note and leave it with Student Services.

Student Status While Abroad. All students participating in PLU sponsored programs are registered under a special course identifier for study abroad students and appear in the Banner computer system as full-time students carrying 16 semester credits. (You may be taking more or fewer credits in your particular program; however, the 16 credits remain listed until you return and your grade report is filed after receipt of your official transcript).

Grading Policy. Students participating on PLU study away programs receive letter grades for their coursework. Courses, credits and grades are recorded on the PLU transcript; however, study away grades will not be calculated into the cumulative PLU G.P.A. unless the course is taught by PLU faculty.

You may elect to use your pass/fail grading option for study away courses if that option is still available to you. Check your transcript to see if this option can be used. The exception to this grading policy is the calculation of grades for independent studies abroad and the PLU faculty-led programs. Any independent study project arranged with PLU faculty will have grades recorded and calculated into the PLU G.P.A. Those programs administered by PLU faculty, for example the PLU Gateway programs, will have some grades computed for the courses evaluated by our faculty.

Overseas Address. After you have settled into your new home overseas, please notify our office of your address.

E-mail Address. As soon as you arrive at your study site, check to see if you can access the Internet. Using the Internet will be the most efficient way (in time and cost) to stay in touch with family, friends and offices at PLU. Your PLU e-mail account will remain active while you are abroad. The Wang Center will be frequently communicating with you via e-mail while you are studying abroad.

Payment Plans. The deadline for choosing payment options is due in The Student Services Center within two weeks of receiving your offer of financial aid.