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International Internships

Whether your international sojourn began before starting at PLU or has yet to begin, an international internship can be an exciting, challenging and very rewarding way to acquire professional knowledge, new perspectives, hands on experience, cross-cultural communication skills, and much more.

PLU offers internship opportunities to selected locations around the globe. It is an opportunity for students to apply their on-campus curriculum to an international professional experience.

International Internship credit may be applied to your major (with permission from that department) or you can earn up to 12 credits through the Cooperative Education Office. Often students can enroll in Cooperative Education at the same time as their specific departments' Internship course. Cooperative Education credits are based on the value of the internship, the learning opportunities imbedded in the experience in addition to the number of hours and length of employment.

Currently, International Internships are completed concurrently with a study away program. The PLU semester programs that offer an internship option are:

PLU Gateway in Oaxaca, Mexico

AHA London

CGE Namibia

Many Approved Programs also offer internship and/or research as a component to the study away program.

For details on the internship programs that are available, contact the Wang Center.

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