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PLU students can directly enroll in universities around the world through ISEP-Exchange. While the PLU student is away, an international student studies at PLU. ISEP-Direct is not and approved PLU program.

Use information below as a guide to navigating the wonderful resources and opportunities the ISEP-Exchange Network provides.

Find a Program

Use the Search Engine or the Country Directory to explore universities and academic programs. In the application, up to 10 universities may be selected as possible placements. This will require course catalog research for each university selected.


Make note of the "chance of placement" for each university. If space is limited, that means the institution is not sending out many students, making it a competitive placement. Try to find an academically appropriate university with a good chance of placement.

Watch for language pre-requisites. Many universities offer courses in English, while others require language skill.

Make sure the ISEP-E program is offered. SM1 = Fall; SM2 = Spring


The TYPED ISEP application (.pdf in left column) must be submitted to the Wang Center at least two weeks PRIOR to the ISEP deadline. Follow the instructions carefully on the application and work with the Wang Center to ensure it is filled out accurately. Contact Tanya Ulsted,, for more details.


ISEP-E costs the PLU comprehensive fee. These funds literally stay at PLU for an international student to use; a student at the host institution has paid their comprehensive fee which the PLU student uses. Tuition, room and board is included in this program fee. ISEP application fee, airfare, visa, ISEP insurance, and personal expenses are not included.