Chris and Krista

Welcome to the SurPLUs Store!

The PLU SurPLUs store, located next to Facilities on lower campus, offers students, staff and community members alike the chance to help out the environment by purchasing items for a highly reduced price. By bringing items which are still in good usable condition to SurPLUs, we are creating a renewable cycle and avoiding these items from being placed in a landfill. The SurPLUs inventory is always changing, therefore we cannot guarantee that any certain item will be available at a given time.

For more information on sales and current inventory, call (253) 535-6061.

The SurPLUs Store is open year round, so don't be a stranger! Come visit us during our open hours;

  • Wednesday 10:30am-1:30 pm
  • Friday 10am - 3pm

Check out our SurPLUs Flickr Photostream for pictures from our most recent events here!

SurPLUs Policies

The Sustainability Department provides the PLU community with an easy way to reduce the amount of surplus items on campus.

General Information:

  • The SurPLUs Policies allow PLU to ensure efficient turnover of all items in surplus storage. The established polices also prevent further build up of unused surplus.
  • Surplus is defined as furniture, office supplies, technical equipment, and other items deemed valuable by Environmental Services' technicians and coordinators.

Collection of surplus items:

  • work order must be requested by the person who has the authority to dispose of the items to be collected by Environmental Services.
  • Items worth more than $500 require the signature of the director of the department that is relinquishing the item upon receipt of pick-up.

Disposal of surplus items

  • All items will first be offered to on campus departments for reuse.
  • After two weeks, the items will be offered for sale to the PLU community.  A Current PLU ID Card must be presented at time of purchase.
  • If an item is not purchased after one month, the item will be donated, recycled, or disposed of at the discretion of Environmental Services (i.e. community garage sales, auction companies, charity).