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Lute Lingo 

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Admin - The Hauge Administration Building. An upper campus building that houses the Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Employment, Student Services, Student Life, School of Business and School of Education Offices. Many classes are held in Admin as well - especially Business, Foreign Language and Education classes.

ASPLU - Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University - YOUR student government! ASPLU's offices are located on the ground floor of the 'UC' (see below). ASPLU meets on Tuesday nights throughout the academic year.

Campus Voice - A weekly e-publication that features an event calendar, information on noteworthy Lutes and links to everything from the Dining Services menu to local and national news services. The campus web cam is a neat feature as well!

CK - Chris Knutzen Hall. This large meeting hall, located in the UC, is used for everything from dances to campus meetings. It divides into two rooms, usually called "CK West" and "CK East". Dogpatch Olympics - This freshman experience is not to be missed! Round one of this traditional series of field games is held on Saturday, September 8 on Foss Field. Winners of this round will compete during half-time of our first home football game vs. Azusa Pacific on Saturday, September 14. On-campus residents will learn more from their RHC. Off-campus residents will receive information in the commuter lounges and via off-campus senators.

EMAL - "Every Man A Lute". This phrase is the rallying call for PLU's champion football team, which takes pride in representing PLU to heart both on and off the field.

ePass - An ePass is a combination of a username and a password that allows you to log into the on-line resources at PLU. The one you'll probably use the most often is PLU Webmail. Also, your PLU e-mail address is based off of your ePass username. For instance, if your username is smithja, then your e-mail address is Your ePass password is also your e-mail password. If you are a PLU student, you should have an ePass. You can get one by going here. 

Foss Field - The field bordered by Foss Hall (east), Rieke Science Center (west), Names Fitness Center and Memorial Gym (south) and Hinderlie Hill (north). Dogpatch Olympics will be held here, as will all kinds of campus gatherings throughout the year. Frisbee players will almost always find some friends on Foss Field.

Gum Tree – The tall tree on the pathway between Foss and Pflueger where students discard their gum. This is a popular meeting place, as well as an integral part of the campus Frisbee golf course.

Lute(s) - 1. One who shares the pride and commitment that comes from being a member of the Pacific Lutheran University community; "I am a LUTE!"  2. Any of PLU's outstanding athletic teams; "Go LUTES!"

Lutecard -  Do you have questions about what your LuteCard does, or what to do if you lose it? Check here for all of your questions, or Contact Us for any information we don't cover!

OMM - Old Main Market (the food market in the University Center)

Pac Ave - Pacific Ave, Washington State Route 7...The really busy north to south road two blocks east of campus.

RA - Resident Assistant

Red Square - An upper campus gathering space between Eastvold Chapel and Harstad Hall. It's the square space...with red "musical" bricks

RHC - Residence Hall Council

RHA - Residence Hall Association

UC or AUC - The Anderson University Center building, home to the CK, ASPLU, The Commons, RHC, Campus Ministry, OMM, the Conceirge Desk, the Counseling Office, the Disabilty Support Services Office, the CAVE, the PLU newspaper (The Mooring Mast), LASR (the PLU student radio station), the Scandinavian Center, the Diversity Center, the Clubhouse and Conferences and Events.