Division ofMarketing & Communications

Vice President

Donna Gibbs

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Office 253-538-6023

Content Development

The campus news, news briefs and feature stories that appear on the Web and in many PLU print publications are written and managed by the Marketing & Communications Content Management Group. They also maintain the content e-library and assist Web deputies throughout the university with departmental Web content.

Sandy Dunham

Editor of Resolute and U Mag

Office 253-535-8410

John Froschauer

Campus Photographer

Office 253-535-7517

Content Marketing & Social Media

Lace Smith

Director of Content Marketing

Customer Service

Customer Service Center representatives will assist you with placing orders, scheduling services and tracking job progress for your communication projects.

Denise Biddinger

Print Production Manager

Office 253-535-7436


The Design Group provides art direction and graphic design for all major university print publications and Web presence.

Simon Sung

Executive Creative Director

Office 253-535-7786

Steve Skramstad

Senior Graphic Designer

Office 253-535-8097

Scott Beilke

Graphic Designer

Office 253-535-7433

Mailing & Shipping

The staff in Mail Services & Shipping are responsible for managing campus mail, domestic and international mail, bulk mail, shipping and receiving and maintenance of the warehouse.

Roger Nelson

Mail Services Supervisor

Office 253-535-7436

Octave Chretain

Assistant Mail Services Supervisor

Office 253-535-7436

Randall Self

Mailroom Clerk

Office 253-535-7436


Kelly Roper

High Speed Copy Operator

Office 253-536-5057

Photography & Video

The Photography & Video Group captures and reproduces artistic, creative and professional-quality images for use in print and online.

John Froschauer

Campus Photographer

Office 253-535-7517

Web & CRM Development

The Web & CRM Development team leads the conception, design, delivery and maintenance of all public-facing Web pages and other e-communication initiatives including the CRM.

Chris Albert

Assistant Director of Web Development

Office 253-535-8691

Michael Larson

CRM Business Analysis Manager

Office 253-538-6024

Todd Briske

Senior Web Developer

Office 253-535-7436

Logan Seelye

Senior Web Designer

Office 253-535-7436

Asuka Goya

Web Developer

Office 253-535-7436

Sam O'Hara

Web Designer

Office 253-535-7436

Julie Winters

Web Support Coordinator

Office 253-535-8171