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Hometown News Release

From time to time, students may have accomplishments and activities they would like to share with their local newspaper. It may be making the Dean’s List, studying away around the world or a number of other worthwhile announcements.

To have the best chance of getting those accomplishments published in your local newspaper follow these tips, fill out the form at the bottom and we'll send to your local newspaper.

  • Go HERE and fill out the form. It will automatically be sent to University Communications to be sent to the newspaper you selected.
  • Keep the important information concise and relevant to what you’re trying to highlight.
  • Hometown News Releases are best suited for smaller newspapers, and weekly newspapers. In most areas the larger dailies have trended away from publishing things like graduation and Dean’s List announcements.
  • Contacts for newspapers are constantly changing and aren’t always the most up-to-date by the individual. Look under contacts on the newspaper’s website to find the best email to send the form to or use the newspaper’s mailing address and address it to the appropriate editor or reporter.
  •  A general email can be the one that changes the least, so that may be your best bet if you don’t know the exact person to contact.
  •  Remember, just because you send in a Hometown News Release does not mean the newspaper will publish your accomplishment.

For Dean’s List, here is some basic language to include in your body text that helps explain what the recognition means:

The Dean’s List recognizes outstanding academic achievement and requires a grade point average of at least 3.5 for the term. Dean’s List standing becomes part of a student’s official transcript and is a distinguishing factor for students going on to graduate or professional school.

If you have any questions please email albertct@plu.edu. Again, HERE is the form to fill out online. Once you've completed it, hit submit and it will be sent to University Communications to be distributed to your hometown newspaper.