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Why they are experts

Faculty experts at PLU don't get that way just by chance. They've not only spent years in academia, but have extensive experience in a given field through research, real-life experience and other avenues.

They are accomplished scholars and true assets in providing insight into important topics and engaging the world.

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Huelsbeck, David - Professor of Anthropology

  •    Northwest Coast Native American cultures
  •    Prehistoric archaeology

Klein, Laura - Professor of Anthropology

  • NW Coast Cultures


Teska, William, Professor of Biology

  • Biological conservation
  • Ecology of mammals
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Sustainable development
  • Tropical Ecology


Albers, James - Faculty fellow, School of Business

  • Technology in business

Brock, James - Resident Professor of Business, Dean Emeritus

  • Marketing strategy
  • Meeting facilitation (from focus groups to board strategies)

Gibson, Linda - Professor of Business

  • Employment issues

Lee, Chung-Shing, Associate Professor of Technology and Innovative Management, Director ePLU

  • e-commerce

Pratt, Catherine - Associate Dean of the School of Business

  • Family business


Fryhle, Craig - Professor of Chemistry, department chair

  • Organic Chemistry

Chinese Studies

Manfredi, Paul - Associate Professor of Chinese, department chair

  • Modern Chinese literature
  • East-West literary/cultural influence studies


Reiman, Mark - Associate Professor of Economics

  • Economics

Travis, Karen - Associate Professor of Economics

  • Health Economics


Leitz, Paula - Associate Professor of Education

  • Classroom management
  • Remedial reading grades 3-8

Reisberg, Leon - Professor of Education, Jolita Hylland Benson Chair in Elementary Education

  • Inclusion
  • Learning disabilities


Bergman, Charles - Professor of English

  •  Environmental Literature
  •  Environmental Writing
  •  Shakespeare


Foley, Duncan - Professor of Geosciences, department chair

  • Living with geologic hazards


Carp, E. Wayne - Professor of History, Benson Family Chair in Business and Economic History

  •  Adoption, history of
  •  American childhoods and families, history of
  •  Orphanages, history of
  •  Sealed adoption records controversy

Ericksen, Robert - Professor of History, Kurt Mayer Professor of Holocaust Studies

  •  Holocaust
  •  Modern Europe
  •  Modern Germany
  •  Western Civilization

Kraig, Beth - Professor of History, department chair

  • Gay-lesbian issues in America

Sobania, Neal - Professor of History

  • African Art
  • African history and culture
  • East Africa
  • Ethiopia
  • Global Education
  • Kenya


Evans, Anthony - Professor of Kinesiology, Director of Exercise Science

  • Exercise and health

Hacker, Colleen - Professor of Kinesiology

  • Body image
  • Sports psychology
  • Women in sports

McConnell, Karen - Associate Dean of Kinesiology, Director of Physical Education

  • Eating disorders
  • Diet and exercise


Louie, Rich - Associate Professor of Physics

  • Nanofabrication
  • Thin film deposition
  • Vacuum techniques

Rush, Dana - Lecturer

  • Astronomy

Starkovich, Steven - Provost, Dean of Graduate Studies

  • Astronomy

Political Science

Grosvenor, Peter - Associate Professor of Political Science

  •  British politics
  •  Canadian politics
  •  European politics
  •  International relations


Torvend, Samuel - Associate Professor of Religion

  • Christianity, history of
  • Medieval Christianity in Rome