Division ofMarketing & Communications

Photocopiers & Printers

Free Pickup and Delivery

The Customer Service Center for University Communications provides free, all day pick-up and delivery of all printed material.

Photocopying services are available – both support for the Convenience Copiers that are located in offices throughout campus and in the high-speed, high-volume Copy Center in The Customer Service Center. Call them for assistance with your copy needs.

Convenience Copier maintenance and service assistance is also available from the copier vendor at 888-222-4987. You will need to provide you service indentification number (i.e. N1000). Expect your call to be returned within one hour. Expect service within four hours.

The Customer Service is also your point of contact for departmental laser printer toner supplies, maintenance and service.

The Customer Service Center maintains billing, financial records and bookkeeping for University Communications. Call us for questions concerning charges on any of your job tickets or Banner entries.



The Customer Service Center
Phone: 253-535-7436
Fax: 253-535-8382