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Find the photos you need

You now have many of the university's best photographs available at your fingertips. Marketing & Communications has developed an online gallery of photos using Google's Web-based software Picasa. Photos are being updated weekly. Read below to learn more about how to take advantage of this resource.


Some of the great features found within Picasa include:

  1. Searching - You can search for photos based on keywords.
  2. Albums - You can browse photos by album.
  3. Tagging - You can find similar photos based on keyword tags.
  4. Slideshows - You can quickly move between photos using the slideshow feature.
  5. Facial Recognition/Tagging - You can look for photos that contain a specific individual.
  6. Downloads - You can download high quality web versions of all the images.

Accessing Picasa

To access the official Marketing & Communications' gallery visit: http://picasaweb.google.com/PLUPICS

Searching for photos

Once you are in Picasa you can search for photos using the search box in the upper right corner. Type in your search query and hit "Search". By default you'll see images from all Google Picasa users, but you can easily filter the results to look directly at PLU's content. To filter the content to only PLU specific images select the drop-down menu just below the search field that says "Community Photos." Click on that and change it to "PLU Communications's Gallery." You should now see photos that are specific to PLU.

Browsing for photos


In addition to searching, you may wish to manually browse for photos. You have a few options for doing this. First all of the photos have been organized into one of several albums (Click on any of the links below to view the contents of each album).


Another method is to look for photos based on tags. Picasa displays tags in the right sidebar. Only the 10 most used tags appear at a given time. Tags also change depending on how deep you are in the Picasa Web site. For example when you visit the main PLU gallery page you'll see the top 10 tags for all of the content. From there if you go into an album the tags on the right will change to reflect the 10 most used tags for that album. When you drill down and look at a specific image you'll see a list of all the tags that pertain to that one image.


Tired of having to click around for photos? Feeling lazy? You can also browse for photos using the slideshow feature. Browse any collection of photos (e.g. Album, Tagged Photos, Search Results), then in the upper left corner click on the slideshow icon. You're now previewing the photos in the slideshow at full screen. At any time you can stop on the current photo using the controls provided below or by hitting your escape key.

People (Facial Recognition)

Another cool way of browsing photos is by person. Picasa provides a tool for tagging the faces of people in photos. You can use this tool to find photos that contain a specific person. Go to the main PLU Picasa page, then in the right sidebar look for the heading that says "People in this gallery." To the right of this heading you'll see the link "View All." Click on this link and you'll be brought to a page that shows all of the people that have been facially tagged in the galleries. Its organized according to the person's first name and shows the number of photos that each individual appears in. Click on a person and you'll be brought to another page where you can view all of that person's photos at once. Note: We're still tagging individuals in these photos.

Downloading a photo

Once you find a photo that you like you can download it by:

  1. Clicking on the image
  2. Selecting the "Download" link (It's just above the image)

You can also do this from the gallery view, but then you will download all of the photos from that specific album.

How to use these photos


If you'd like to make use of these photos on your Web site you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the photo (See previous section of this page)
  2. Upload the image into your "images" directory within Cascade
  3. Use the Cascade image resizing tools to crop and scale the image


If you'd like to make use of these photos for a printed publication you should contact Barbara Clements, Director of Content Development,  for a higher quality image.


PLU Marketing & Communications Gallery, © 2010 All rights reserved. Pacific Lutheran University grants license for departments, offices and other offical organizations on-campus to use photos for official university related publications.


For other questions such as how to use Picasa or to request a photo contact:

Barbara Clements at x7427