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Cascade Upgrade

Updated: 4/6/11

Cascade was upgraded over spring break to the latest version of the software. Thanks for your patience during the downtime. The upgrade resulted in a handful of minor tweaks to the software that may affect you and your workflow. Please take a moment to review an explanation of the changes below:

There is Always Something

First the down side. The way in which images are uploaded into Cascade has changed. Now when you upload an image in Cascade you’ll be presented with a slightly different form than before. The new form isn’t intuitive and, until you get used to it, it could be frustrating. So, we’ve created this short video to show you how to successfully upload a new image.

Video: How to upload a new image

Also note, that Cascade is aware of the image upload issues and they are working on a patch.

In addition to the above, we’ve had to make some minor changes to the eLibrary. We’ve discontinued the Events, Profiles and Topic folders within the eLibrary. We did so to improve the performance of Cascade. The Dates folder within the eLibrary remains intact and you should include eLibrary content to your site using that source from now on. If you used any of the eliminated eLibrary folders on your site you watch this short video to learn more about how this change affects you and what you’ll need to do moving forward.

Video: How to correctly link to the eLibrary

And Now The Good News

Watch the following video to get a quick overview of the new features, or continue reading below.

Video: New Features


The most noticeable change to Cascade will be performance enhancements. In the past it, could take several minutes to create new items in Cascade. In testing this new version we have found that creating, copying and deleting items happens almost instantly. That's great news for all us as we will no longer have to start something in Cascade and patiently wait minutes for it to finish thinking.

Publish Queue

The publish queue (formerly under Tools) has been moved under the Cascade logo menu option. Use the publisher to see where your content is in the Active Jobs queue.

Publisher Menu

Quick Links

There’s now an additional menu option in the top right corner called “Quick Links” that provides links to common areas of Cascade including your history within Cascade. Use it to quickly navigate back to a page or item that you were on previously.

Quick Links

My Settings

You now have more control over how your account handles common tasks such as:

  • Redirecting you to the publish queue after hitting publish
  • Automatically checking the “un-publish” box when deleting an item

My Settings

Reorganization of Tabs

A few of the tabs have changed. From now on when you select an item in the tree menu it will present you with the following tabs:

Cascade Tabs

Recycle Bin

Cascade now provides a recycle bin. When items are deleted they are temporarily moved to the recycle bin before being permanently deleted.

Cascade Recycle Bin

The Future (Sites)

  • A newer more contemporary look and feel to the pages
  • Greater control over the layout of your pages (Multiple columns and rows)
  • The ability to add, reorder and reuse bits of content (Widgets)
  • New form creation and processing tools
  • Additional user privileges for student works (Ability to publish to preview)
  • And more . . .

We look forward to bringing you the next generation of Cascade pages very soon. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the updates to Cascade.