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Wondering when we're going to be getting around to fixing that annoying quirk that you run into every time that you work on your Web site? Curious about what new features lay ahead? You've come to the right place my friends. The announcements section is an ongoing log of all this and more.

  1. General - Announcements related to Cascade and the Web site
  2. Roadmap - New and soon to be released features (or improvements)
  3. Bug Fixes - Glitches or mistakes that have been identified and fixed
  4. System Changes - Upgrades or changes to Cascade and related systems


April 2011

Cascade Upgrade
Cascade was upgraded over spring break. We’re now running the latest version of the software, giving us better performance and more features. Thanks for your patience during the downtime. The upgrade resulted in a handful of minor tweaks to the software that may affect you and your workflow. Please take a moment to review an explanation of the changes here.

October 2010

Good things come, to those that wait
The new Cascade skins and calendar features will NOT be coming to you on October 18th as we had hoped. It's taking a bit longer to work out all of the details of the new Campus Calendar. We anticipate the skins and calendar coming online by mid November. Rest assured, good things do come to those who wait. Calendar training sessions will be held in advance of the roll out. Watch for them late October or early November.

Picasa, Blogger and more!
One of the perks of going steady with a big handsome company like Google is all the free stuff you get. In the coming weeks you're going to get a suit of new tools from Google including photo (Picasa) and blogging (Blogger) tools. Our friends over in I&TS are working out all of the details right now. Once these new tools come online the Web Team will explore opportunities for integrating these features back into your Cascade Web sites. So stay tuned, new features are coming.

News Briefs
Do you have an announcement, news or event that you need to get out in front of the entire campus? You should take advantage of the free services offered by University Communications. One such service are News Briefs. Click here to learn more.

September 2010

Extreme Web Makeover
On October 18th your Web site will get an extreme makeover. The Web team has been hard at work in developing a new skin for Cascade Web sites and it's finally ready. Click here to learn more about the new features and how they will benefit you.

One Calendar to RULE them all
Adding calendar items on the Web has historically been a real pain. Well, that's about to change. The same day that you get a new skin for your Cascade Web site you're also going to get: A new Campus Calendar that will replace the existing events.plu.edu, A more powerful and Web based tool for scheduling items, and A new important dates section in your Cascade Web sites that syncs with the Campus Calendar. I know pinch me right? We're pretty excited too! Click here to learn more.

New Photog...Deja Vu?
It's a new school year, and a new photographer. Please join us in welcoming our newest colleague John Froschauer. John has more than 25 years experience shooting for the Associated Press and various news organizations. He has taken pictures of everything and everyone including pictures of pro-college sports teams to visiting presidents to Little Leaguers. If you see a guy walking around campus with a camera, there's a good chance it's John (So be nice to him). And if you need some quality photos for your Web site or other projects drop John a note on our Web page.

July 2010

Time is running out!
All of your Web sites need to be out of uEdit and into Cascade by September 1st. University Communications will be on hand to assist you in transitioning your sites to Cascade. After the September 1st. deadline you'll still be able to access sites via uEdit until the end of the fall semester.

Advertise Online
Did you know that you can promote your program or event off the home page? There is a one-time $25 dollars setup fee and the ads run for free. All its takes a few minutes to fill out the Web Ad request form and you could own a little piece of the doorways.

$@!# 'ing Cascade!
We know. We know. We know... Cascade has been acting a bit grumpy lately. Well, we wanted to take this opportunity to say first of all  THANK YOU for being patient as we work through the Cascade performance issues.  There has been a sort of perfect storm of little things that has caused Cascade's performance to grind to a halt. Thankfully I&TS has been on hand to help us resolve the issues as they occur. We also wanted to let you know that WE HAVE A PLAN for improving Cascade's performance and we'll be working toward that into the Fall Semester. And finally just as a reminder in the future when performance issues occur we'll do our best to notify you via e-mail of any downtime or need to restart Cascade. You can also send us feedback regarding Cascade's performance directly using the Web Feedback and Assistance Form.


What's Next

External Calendars
Frustrated with Important Dates? Very soon you'll be able to use outside calendars.

New Skin
All Cascade Department Web sites are getting a face lift.

HTML E-mails + Cascade
We're working on building a set of templates that will allow you to more easily create highly polished HTML e-mails (Letters, Newsletters, etc.) using Cascade. A limited number of offices are testing this new tool now and we hope to release it to the rest of campus later this year.

Work is now underway for a new Admission Web site. Wait, how does this affect you? Glad you asked. It's our intention to bring the many of the features that are developed in the Admission Web site to all Cascade Web sites. We'll be updating you on our progress over the next several months.

What's New

September 2010

Stories By Topic
We've been steadily rolling out a number of new features for The PLU Experience Web site. The most recent change being a topical feature that allows you to browse our content library by topic. Also coming, landing pages for all of our videos, galleries and audio files.

July 2010

External Forms
Learn how to leverage the power of Google forms and documents within your Web site.You can now refer to external documents from the Documents and Forms section of your Web site. Utilizing Google spreadsheet forms you can provide your constituencies with a better alternative to clunky Word document forms that must be e-mailed back to your office. 

May 2010

Rotating Banners
Learn how to show multiple images within your home page banner.

Inline Documents
Learn how to call attention to important documents within your pages.

Print Style Sheets
Print Web pages that look more like Word documents and use less printer toner.

Bug Fixes

May 2010

Important Dates
We've removed form fields that didn't do anything, sorry.

Table Text
We've fixed a recent bug that caused text within a table to appear TOO LARGE.

Internet Explorer Issues
We've resolved an issue that was causing Internet Explorer to display pages incorrectly.

System Changes

There are no system changes to report at this time.