Division ofMarketing & Communications

Web Development Strategic Plan


Our mission in Web development is to sustain the university’s overall Web presence at a level of design and functionality above that of comparable universities and to provide leadership, vision and strategic planning to continually enhance the university’s public-facing Web.

We recognize that the Web plays a crucial role in the university’s ability to:
  • Recruit Students
  • Attract Donors
  • Communicate (Internally/Externally)
  • Conduct Business
  • Support Academic Interests
The strategic plan outlined in the pages to follow has been organized into a set of five initiatives that address the future of a comprehensive public-facing Web.
  1. Marketing and Communication The marketing and communication initiative will bring consistency and continuity to all of the university’s public facing web pages. It will allow the university to once and for all transform all of the Web sites so that they are on brand and message.
  2. Personalization The personalization initiative will provide the infrastructure needed to support personalized communications with targeted constituencies (1:1) and consequently foster greater loyalty and satisfaction with the institution.
  3. Social Networking The social networking initiative will allow the university to reach deeper into the communities that our constituencies are already engaged and attract them back to our Web site. This initiative plays an important role in helping to shape how the world perceives the institution outside of the university’s traditional Web presence.
  4. Mobile Devices The mobile devices initiative will allow the university to reach beyond the traditional desktop-centric Web and reach out to a new generation of Lutes that want everything available on the go. There are tremendous opportunities to improve internal communications with this initiative. Student Life and other offices that are interested in a means of connecting more directly with students via text and other mobile services will find this initiative of particular interest.
  5. Infrastructure Finally the infrastructure initiative will make improvements to the workspace under which all Web development takes place. It will allow both UCOM and I&TS to be more productive and take advantage of emerging technologies.

Together these five initiatives paint a picture of where the university must begin to take its’ Web identity if it wants to remain competitive. In addition, these initiatives will also benefit the following offices in these specific ways:


  • Personalization – Provide a portal-like environment with the ability to communicate with prospective students and their parents in a streamlined, yet personal way (Interests, Application Processes, etc.)
  • Social Networking – The means to reach out to prospective students and their families in the social networks in which they are already engaged
  • CRMS – The ability to cultivate relationships at all points in the recruitment process and serve as the initial point of contact for those interested in the university

Business Office and Registrar

  • Business Functions – The ability to streamline business operations by transferring traditional paper-based processes online, and provide a rich online, convenient and centralized location for doing business

Development and Constituent Relations

  • CRMS – The ability to track and organize communications with donors and manage their preferences
  • Personalization – Provide a portal-like environment with the ability to push personalized materials to alumni and friends of the university in an effort to cultivate long-term satisfaction and greater participation in campaign efforts
  • Social Networking – The means to reach out to donors, alumni and other friends of the university in the social networks in which they are already engaged and ultimately lead them back to the university

Student Life

  • Texting – The means to reach out to current students and their parents via text messaging 
  • Social Networking – Support in engaging current students via social networking in a more intentional and streamlined manner

A sixth Web initiative not covered in this document is Teaching and Learning, which is being addressed under the leadership of I&TS.

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