Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communication

The goal of this initiative is to sustain and enhance the existing university Web presence from the home and doorway pages all the way through division and department sites. There are four components to this initiative:

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Usability Enhancements
  3. Content Accessibility
  4. Customer Service

Next Steps

  1. Brand Identity Partner with design staff within UCOM to develop guidelines for brand identity. Make the guidelines publicly available and easily accessible to departments and third-party organizations that may need them.
  2. Usability Enhancements Develop a user experience guideline that outlines how the brand identity should be applied to the various user interface elements of the Web (e.g. Tabs, buttons, etc.). Write the necessary front and back-end code to support the user experience guidelines. Make both the guidelines and the code available to all developers (UCOM, I&TS, etc.).
  3. Content Accessibility Make the content coming out of UCOM easier to access and incorporate into Web sites and other publications.
    1. Digital Assets Management Evaluate various open source and third party services for managing digital assets produced and maintained by UCOM. Work with I&TS staff in installing the necessary software and acquiring the needed storage space. Provide an online photo library of images and video for departments, and the media to use within their publications.
    2. eLibrary Enhancements Continue to develop the eLibrary repository within Cascade. Provide additional ready to use blocks of information that Cascade users can incorporate into their Web sites (Video, Image Galleries, etc.)
  4. Customer Service Acquire or develop a suite of Web based tools that will support department Web developers (a.k.a. Web Deputies) in managing Web sites.
    1. Community Pages Consult with I&TS in developing a blog to make pubic announcements about Web enhancements. Create a Web Deputies wiki that will allow departments and the Web team to exchange information and ideas regarding how best to use Cascade and other systems.
    2. Project Management Consult with I&TS in identifying and installing a project management solution that will allow interdepartmental collaboration on a variety of Web and non-web projects.
    3. Help Desk/Job Ticketing Consult with I&TS in acquiring a help desk (or Job Tracking) solution that will allow the Web team (And UCOM) to process: new publications, support requests, and feature enhancements.