Division ofMarketing & Communications


The goal of this initiative is to support the other Web development goals by building a robust infrastructure and tool belt. There are three components to this initiative:

  1. Workspace
  2. Product Development
  3. Research and Development

Next Steps

  1. Workspace To ensure the quality and timeliness of the Web Team’s work it is necessary to make some adjustments to the current workspace.
    1. Production, Staging and Development Web Servers Partner with I&TS to identify and create a multiple server configuration that would allow the Web team to quickly move from idea to production without putting the public facing Web site at risk.
    2. Multiple Subversion Repositories Collaborate with I&TS in creating individual subversion repositories for each of the products that the Web team supports.
  2. Product Development Take a census of all the existing projects that the Web team is currently responsible for. Determine whom the end-users are for each project and develop product definitions. Develop a standard nomenclature for organizing all of the products. Use the product nomenclature to create product pages within the project management tool, and to create individual subversion repositories for each product. Where possible develop checklist and lifecycles to ensure the quality of each product.
  3. Research and Development
    1. Cascade Explore the new features within the latest version of Cascade. Migrate existing XSL templates to make use of velocity templates. Rebuild the department Web sites using the latest features provided by Cascade.
    2. Google Explore the various API’s and tools offered by Google including Open Social.