Division ofMarketing & Communications

Mobile Devices

The goal of this initiative is to move beyond the traditional desktop computer and recognize that the future Web will be integrated into multiple devices and serve every facet of daily life (e.g. iPhone). There are three components to this initiative:

  1. Mobile Web
  2. Apps Development
  3. Text Messaging Integration

Next Steps

  1. Mobile Web Leverage the power of Cascade to deliver a mobile friendly version of the entire university Web site. Create tools that are able to sniff out and detect mobile devices and redirect them to an alternative form of the university’s Web site. Train departments to develop content that’s friendlier to mobile devices.
  2. Mobile Apps Identify the most popular mobile device(s) for application development. Setup the necessary tool chains for developing applications on the target device(s). Collaborate with key stakeholders in determine which business functions or services should be developed into mobile apps. Collaborate with I&TS staff in creating mobile apps.
  3. Text Messaging Integration Identify a third-party service or open source framework that will allow the university to send out targeted text messages from its existing systems for a reasonable cost. Partner with I&TS in integrating text messaging into various systems via the provided API’s.