Division ofMarketing & Communications


The goal of this initiative is to develop and/or acquire the tools and resources necessary to provide a personal online experience to the university’s various constituents. There are five major components to this initiative:

  1. Data Management (Data Warehouse)
  2. Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  3. Identity Management
  4. Personalization Framework
  5. Business Functions

The first component, Data Management is already underway by the Information Systems group within I&TS. The remaining components are still on the forward looking roadmap and while the Web team is not directly responsible for these items it will play a role in shaping the decision that guide the remainder of this initiative. 

Next Steps

  1. Customer Relations Management Solution (CRMS) Coordinate with key stakeholders to ensure that the selected CRMS will provide the necessary hooks and functionality to support personalized online communication.
  2. Identity Management Collaborate with I&TS staff in building a new identity management system that will authenticate both on and off-campus constituencies and provide a centralized mechanism for authorizing individuals to access particular resources.
  3. Personalization Framework Work with key stakeholders to evaluate various frameworks and turnkey solutions that offer a means of connecting the CRMS and Identity Management solutions to the Web for the purpose of personalizing content to the individual (e.g. Open Social, Luminous Portal).
  4. Business Functions Support the personalization initiative by improving existing business functions. Collaborate with I&TS and other key stakeholders in developing or acquiring the following solutions.
    1. eCommerce Work with the Business Office, I&TS and other key stakeholders in launching a robust eCommerce solution. Support the front-end development of eCommerce forms and provide support in integrating eCommerce solutions back into department Web sites and the personalization framework. Partner with the Development office and I&TS to develop a donation portfolio application where donors can review their investments in the university to date as well as make changes to future donations.
    2. Forms Management Collaborate with I&TS to develop a standardized method of handing traditional paper-based process online via Web-based forms. Integrate the forms solution back into department Web sites.
    3. Web Analytics Take ownership of the existing Web analytics tools (Web Trends) and if necessary migrate to Google analytics so that the university can establish standardized reports and metrics for determining how the Web, e-mails and other forms of communication are being used.
    4. Event Registration Evaluate the processes in which event registration is currently being maintained via Informz. Find ways to improve functionalities and if possible integrate back into the CRMS solution.
    5. E-mail Marketing Develop templates within Cascade that will allow departments to generate highly polished e-mail campaigns that are on message and easy to manage. Explore options for integrating delivery options with the CRM solution.
    6. Search enhancements
      1. Search Engine Optimization Provide leadership and expertise in optimizing Web content for internal/external search results. Keep ongoing statistics of where the university ranks with regard to certain keywords and search engines.
      2. PLU Search Collaborate with I&TS and other key stakeholders in overhauling the existing university search.