Division ofMarketing & Communications

Social Networking

The goal of this initiative is to embrace social networks as a means of communicating with constituencies where they are already interacting. There are three components to this initiative:

  1. Identify Target Social Networks
  2. Integrate Social Networks Into Existing Systems
  3. Create Policies and Best Practices

By stepping through each of these three components the university will be able to bring consistency and more effective use of social networking to all departments.

Next Steps

  1. Identify Target Social Networks Work with key stakeholder such as Admission, Development and Constituent Relations in identifying the most popular Social Networks for various constituencies. Evaluate each social network on its business model, usage and ability to integrate with other systems.
  2. Integrate Into Existing Systems Collaborate with I&TS staff to integrate the target social networks via the provide API’s into existing Web development systems (e.g. Cascade). Where possible integrate into the personalization framework offered in the personalization initiative.
  3. Create Policies and Best Practices Develop written policies, best practices and tutorials that guide departments through the process of creating, maintaining and general use of social networks. Standardize the method in which social networking accounts are created for departments.