Discovering your vocation is far more than just choosing a career. Vocation is the resounding sense of one’s purpose in life — something that makes you feel truly alive. Vocation can ideally exist both within one’s career and outside it, as what matters to each of us relates to all the facets of our lives and the roles that both our passions and professions can play.

As a vital part of the university, the Wild Hope Center for Vocation understands that we need to continue to ask profound intellectual, social, and personal questions to explore the complexity of the world and unearth meaning and purpose in life. We focus on nurturing an inquisitive and passionate sense of self-exploration in all those in the university community — not just students. Faculty, staff, and alumni all matter to engaging in this kind of collective vocational reflection too, as it is their enhanced understanding of their own place within the university, of vocation in general, and of how to effectively nurture and sustain the vision in students that is necessary for success in this search.