Vocational Vision

The Wild Hope Center for Vocation exists to improve the quality and breadth of vocational reflection. Its presence throughout all aspects of the university gives PLU the opportunity to embody the intellectually rigorous, developmentally astute, theologically rich, and world-informed environment that will best sustain students and empowers them to become the mature, thoughtful, aware, committed, creative leaders the world needs.

Finding one’s vocation is far more than choosing a profession. Vocation is the resounding sense of one’s purpose or role in life. It exists both within one’s career and outside it—in relation to the multifaceted aspects of life and to critical exploration and understanding of the larger role a profession can play. As a vital part of the university, the center understands that one must explore profound intellectual and social questions and encounter the complexity of the world in order to unearth meaning and purpose in life.

Ultimately, the Wild Hope Center for Vocation focuses on nurturing an inquisitive and passionate sense of vocational exploration in students. Faculty and staff are also invaluable to this collective vocational reflection; it is their enhanced understanding of their vocation at the university, of vocation in general, and of how effectively nurture and sustain the vision in students that is necessary for success in this search.