Voices Against Violence

Our Workshops Include:

This workshop examines how relationships seen in the media and personal experience shape our idea of intimacy. Participants will consider the values, strengths, and weaknesses they bring to interpersonal relationships. Unhealthy and abusive relationship red flags will also be discussed.
What is the difference between sex and gender? Aren’t there just two genders? What does it mean to be trans and is that a common experience? This presentation addresses these and other questions related to gender and sexuality.
Though often forgotten, men do have a gender, and the masculinities they present are often limited by social expectations. This presentation unpacks what it means to be male, explores the impact of hegemonic masculinity on our society, and the privileges and limitations inherent in being male in a patriarchal society.
This training is part of a campus-wide violence prevention project (Green Dot) that prepares each member of the PLU community to look out for one another in order to create a safer community for all. We care about our friends - this presentation provides an overview of warning signs and skills for response when they are at risk.