Wang Center for Global Education

2011-2012 Wang Grant Recipients

Student Projects

Mycal Ford. Chinese Citizenship and Inter-Ethnic Relations

Brett Rousseau. Colony Collapse Disorder and the Honey Bee

Student-Faculty Projects

Paul Manfredi with Leif Nordquist. Chai-na: Documenting the End of the Blackbridge Art Village

Claire Todd with Matthew Heglund. Glacial History and Climate Change in Northern Bolivia

Robert Wells with Katie Scaff and Jacob Ooley. Riding the Rails: Connecting Cascadia

2009 - 2010 Wang Grant Recipients

Student Projects:

Austin L. Goble - Exploratory Research of Organic Farms in Turkey

Jessica A. Lupton - A community's Response to a Government's Neglect: Researching Educational and Community Development in the Esmeraldas Province

Sarah E. Sandgren - Domestic and International Policy in Ecuador: Following the Government in the First Year, Post-Election

Melissa S. Severson-Hampton - Proponents of Change: Norway's Shifting Perspectives on Language

Faculty Projects:

Dr. Amy C. Beegle, Music Department - Afro-Peruvian Jazz Performance and Transmission in Peru

Dr. Peter B. Davis, Department of Geosciences - A Field-Based Geologic Investigation of Panama's Dulling Subduction Zones

Dr. Steven K. Thomson, Department of Anthropology - "Children of the Village": On-going Research on Ethnicity, Community Development and Regional History in Coastal Gambia

2008-2009 Wang Grant Recipients

Student Projects:

Matthew D. Ferraro - Islam and Morocco's Political Identity

Elisia L. Howard - Humanity in Action, Independent Fellowship

Jessica A. Lee - Morocco: Functional Art and Culture

Jacob L. Taylor-Mosquera - Promoting Literacy in a Predominately Afro-Ecuadorian Community

Faculty Projects:

Dr. Kathlyn A. Breazeale, Department of Religion - "Witches," Nature, and Religious Imagination: The Sámi of Scandinavia & Spiritual Baptists of Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Adam Cathcart, Department of History - War Mobilization in the Sino-North Korean Borderlands, 1945-1953

Dr. Teresa Ciabattari, Department of Sociology - Race, Colonialism, and Tourism: Attitudes towards Tourism and Tourists in Tobago

Faculty/Student Projects:

Dr. Charles A. Bergman, Department of English and Matthew S. Schmitz - Wildlife Trafficking in Ecuador

Dr. Claire E. Todd, Department of Geosciences - Glacial History and Climate Change in Southern Peru

Dr. Robert M. Wells, Department of Communication & Theatre and Shannon N. Schrecengost, Julie J. Olds and Melissa A. Campbell - Dangers Within: Canada, the U.S. and Cross-Border Crime