Why Study Women's and Gender Studies?

Women’s and Gender Studies explores the role of gender and sexuality in society and culture. Our students gain and express a more sophisticated understanding of gender, sexual identity, and feminisms and apply these ideas in a variety of academic disciplines. Students also examine gender and sexuality alongside such factors as class, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and race.

Reflecting the importance of dialogue and collaboration in feminism, students who take Women’s and Gender Studies courses learn to understand gender-related social inequities and identify forms of active citizenship that can reduce such inequities. Students also consider the ways in which traditional social institutions such as religion, arts, science, law, education, medicine, and the family have been shaped by, and reflect, specific understandings of gender and sexuality.

The Women’s and Gender Studies program gives students the important tools, resources, and language needed for personal empowerment and civic engagement. PLU Women’s and Gender Studies graduates are prepared to pursue social justice creatively and effectively in their own ways. Our graduates are making positive changes in the way gender and sexual identity are understood globally in the 21st century.

Who participates in Women's and Gender Studies at PLU?

All students interested in the historical and contemporary impact of gender and sexuality in the larger society will find Women’s and Gender Studies an ideal academic choice.

Upon completion of this program, each PLU Women’s and Gender Studies graduate is prepared to creatively and effectively pursue social justice in her or his own way. As teachers, scientists, volunteers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, or family members, our graduates are making positive changes in the way gender and sexual identity are understood globally in the 21st century.

Read the narratives of our graduates to see what they’ve done with their WMGS degree!

Careers for Women's and Gender Studies Majors

Women’s and Gender Studies broadens the liberal arts education of any student. It enhances career preparation and professional opportunities by making you aware of the political, historical, and social context surrounding shifting gender roles, thereby preparing you for interaction in a diverse workplace.

What's the Women's and Gender Studies Capstone About?

The Women’s and Gender Studies senior capstone exemplifies our program’s emphasis on combining inquiry with experience. For the capstone, Women’s and Gender Studies majors work with faculty mentors to design a practicum or internship that fits each student’s unique vocational and academic interests. One student with a background in nursing or biology, for example, might work in a program that offers pre-natal care for low-income women, while another student with expertise in social work and public policy might assist an organization working to reduce domestic violence. Or, a student interested in feminist theater could work with the Women’s Center to shape PLU’s annual production of “The Vagina Monologues”!

Additional Opportunities for Women's and Gender Studies Majors

What is the Women’s Center?

The community of Women’s and Gender Studies students and faculty enjoy the Women’s Center as a location for classes and studying, special programs, receptions and parties, counseling services, club activities, and library resources. The Women’s Center is open to all students, faculty and staff as a place to relax or to join in activities. Contact the Women’s Center, 253-535-8759, or visit www.plu.edu/womenscenter for further information and a schedule of events and activities.