Women's and Gender Studies Program

What Current Students Have to Say About Why They Decided to Major in WMGS

Audrey Lewis, Class of 2013

My decision to be a WMGS major was the culmination of my intro class and a personalaudrey belief that gender equality should be a priority. The program has been great! I have come to a deeper understanding of feminism and where I stand on important issues. I feel more empowered to speak out when I disagree and am able to articulate my feelings to people of many backgrounds, to have a discussion and not an argument. After graduation in 2013, I will be pursuing a career in non-profit development. My goal is to work as the West Coast director of major gifts for the Global Fund for Women.

Sarah Wissenbach, Class of 2013

When I arrived at PLU for my first year, I was unsure of what I wanted to major in. Honestly, I took Women’s and Gender Studies 201, the intro class, on a whim. I was just curious and wanted to see what it was about. I was surprised to find that I LOVED it! 

sarah2It was new but seemed close to home at the same time. We talked about things I’d never thought to question before, and I was suddenly looking at the world through a whole new lens. One of the things I love most about WMGS is that we’re a cross-disciplinary major. As a WMGS major, I’ve had the chance to dip my toes into sociology, psychology, history, religion, and global studies. I feel like one of the strengths I’ve gained from being a WMGS major is the ability and desire to look at a situation from all possible perspectives. I discovered my passion in WMGS, and I know that no matter where I go or what I end up doing after PLU, it will always be influenced by my WMGS education.  

Selina Mach, Class of 2014

I entered college unsure of the direction my education at PLU would take; my first year was spent dabbling in everything from economics to chemistry. I finally found my niche in a Women’s and Gender Studies course disguised as a first-year writing seminar. I found myself absorbed in the material, often relaying studies and statistics to whoever would listen. I enrolled in two more Women’s and Gender Studies courses and began to volunteer at the Women’s Center on campus, trying to satiate my growing curiosity. selinaFinally realizing my hunger for the subject could not be tamed easily, I declared my major in Women’s and Gender Studies. The flexibility of the program has allowed me to incorporate MAGS courses into the programs for both my English major and Sociology minor. Furthermore, the wide variety of MAGS classes available has allowed me to participate in courses from a variety of departments across campus. My major in Women’s and Gender Studies has fueled my passion for social justice, helping me secure my position as Editor of PLU’s Journal of Social Justice, The Matrix. Although still exploring possibilities for after graduation, I can be confident that my involvement in the Women’s and Gender Studies program has prepared me for a life of thoughtful inquiry and enabled me to advocate for social equality in all facets of my life.  

Kortney Scroger, Class of 2014

kortneyI decided to major in WMGS after I took my first WMGS class, Intro to Women's and Gender Studies (a class that I think everyone should take). This class awakened my inner feminist. I was able to put a label on all my beliefs I had; they all fit under the umbrella of feminism. For me, my ideal career path with my major is to work with a non-profit organization that deals with advocacy for women's issues. I want to be able to incorporate public relations and WMGS. I really want to put what I know about women and gender to good use. I want to help other women be who they want to be, whoever that may be.