PLU Women's Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Women's Center?

Because: Worldwide women receive 30-40% less pay on average for the same work as men.

Because: 3 to 4 million women are battered each year; and 60% of homeless women are homeless due to domestic violence.

Because: Men outnumber women 8-1 in professions that pay from $40,000 to $100,000.

Because: 1 out of 5 women are sexually abused.

Because: 75% of retirees living below the poverty line are women.

Because: Women hold less than 20% of managerial, administrative, and manufacturing jobs worldwide.

Because: Women make up 1/2 the world’s population, perform 2/3 of the world’s work, receive less than 1/10 of its income, and own less than 1/100 of the world’s property.

Because: We are here to help level the playing field!

But I'm not a woman...Am I allowed at the Women's Center?

Everyone is absolutely welcome at the Women’s Center!

The Women’s Center welcomes all students, staff, and faculty to explore our resources, become a volunteer, and attend events. Many find the Women’s Center a welcoming place to study, use the kitchen, or just hang out. Anyone is also welcome to meet with PLU’s Victim Advocates, Jennifer Warwick and Jonathan Yglesias.

Why should men be involved?

There are many ways men can become involved in working toward gender equality. The Men’s Project is a collective on campus that focuses on creating an equitable community that is free from violence. As part of that mission, they empower students and professionals in the campus community to become advocates for gender equity and social justice – accomplishing this through education, mentorship, community building, and activism focused on the campus-wide adoption and promotion of healthy attitudes, behaviors, and norms as they relate to masculinity, gender, and identity.

Men As Partners in Promoting Equality (MAPPE) is a student group affiliated with the Men’s Project. In addition to holding events and fundraisers, MAPPE meets weekly to discuss what it means to be a man, how to be a supportive ally in the struggle for gender equality, and how to make PLU a safe community for all. For more information on MAPPE, email or stop by the Women’s Center.

Can I use the Women's Center to just hang out?

The Women’s Center is the perfect place to simply hang out! The kitchen is fully equipped and a great place to make a snack or brew a pot of coffee. The living room has an array of comfortable seating, perfect for doing homework, reading a book, or just relaxing with friends! The Women’s Center is also a great place to arrange a study group!

I don't have much time. Can I still be involved?

Being involved in the struggle for gender equality doesn’t mean spending every second at Women’s Center and attending every single event. There are many ways you can become involved, even on a tight schedule! Here are some good ways to get started:

1. Email to join the Women’s Center contact list. This will keep you updated on upcoming events and projects!

2. Talk with your friends about gender equality and why you think this work is important.

3. Take a Women’s and Gender Studies course.

4. Fill out a volunteer application and start working one hour each week at the Women’s Center.

5. Ask your RA to coordinate a Women’s Center presentation or program in your residence hall.

6. Focus a class project on a women’s issue.

7. Speak up when a sexist joke is told.

8. Borrow a book from the Women’s Center to learn more!