Women's Center


Create a community that collectively champions gender equity and social justice; promotes respect for all; and where individuals feel supported and empowered to pursue their intellectual, professional, and personal goals.


  • Diversity: Celebrate differences as a source of strength while understanding that privilege and oppression shape each person's experience of the world. Consciously wrestling with the complex intersections of our identities is necessary for change.

  • Community: We are stronger together than separate.

  • Engaged Inquiry: Questioning and curiosity fosters multiple perspectives, awareness, self-reflection, and growth.

  • Activism: Act strategically with courage and conviction.

  • Advocacy: Compassionate service and care inspires hope and healing.

  • Sustainability: Bolster the capacity for social and cultural change.

  • Gender Equity: Strive for a world where every person is treated with fairness and justice, regardless of gender identity and expression.

  • Leadership: Be a responsible catalyst for social justice through authentic collaboration, innovation, humility and care.