Women's Center

Intimate Partner Violence

  • Center for Disease Control - The Center for Disease Control is a website that provides information and resources on intimate partner violence. 
  • IPV Fact Sheet - The IPV Face Sheet provides information on how to recognize and respond to intimate partner violence.
  • Power and Control Wheel - The Power and Control Wheel can help individuals identify patterns of abusive and violent behavior in relationships.   

Sexual Assault

  • Northwest Network - The NW Network is an organization that works to end violence and abuse in lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender communities. 
  • Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County - The Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County is a local organization that offers support and resources for those affected by sexual assault and abuse.  
  • Sexual Assault Myths & Facts - The Sexual Violence Myths & Facts sheet debunks thirteen common myths about sexual assault. 
  • RAINN - The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.


  • Stalking Resource Center - The Stalking Resource Center provides information and resources for victims of stalking.   
For more resources on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Sexual Assault and Stalking, visit PLU's Voices Against Violence website.
Victim Advocate at PLU
Jennifer Warwick

Jennifer Warwick, PLU's Victim Advocate and Voices Against Violence Project Administrator, is a trained professional who can help explain your options, connect you to other resources, and assist you in making a formal report should you decide to do so.