While graduation might seem like a long way away, it’s really never too early to start thinking about it. The greatest graduation-planning tool at your disposal is your CAPP Report, readily available via your Banner Web account.

Your CAPP Report is the official record of your degree progress and tracks all your university and declared major/minor requirements. As you progress through courses at PLU, it’s especially important to use it to see where you are—and where you need to go.

Think of your CAPP Report as a road map to graduation, and use it as a guide when selecting your courses each term. Each summer, CAPP is updated with the next school year’s academic programs, including any new majors or minors. During the summer, you can explore the requirements for any major or minor.

What is CAPP?

CAPP stands for Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning. It’s an online tool for checking your progress with General Education Requirement and all major/minor programs at PLU. The system matches your classes and grades with the requirements in the program you’re pursuing. The output is a summary of your progress toward graduation. CAPP can be accessed, reviewed and updated at any time by you, your advisor and the Registrar’s Office.

Accessing your CAPP Report

The CAPP Report is available through Banner Web. You received your Banner Web ID and PIN in the admission acceptance packet sent by the Office of Admission. Use the ID and PIN to log in, and find the “Student Services” tab. Additionally, once your ePass is active, you can access Banner Web via the “Access Banner Self-Service Using My PLU ePass” link, which allows single sign-on to many web applications. Once logged in, click on “Student Records,” and follow the instructions for accessing CAPP.

Generating a new CAPP Report

You can update your CAPP Report any time to check your degree progress (we especially recommend updating after you register for classes and after you receive a semester’s final grades). This new information will change what appears on your CAPP. When viewing your CAPP Report, there will be a link at the bottom of the page to “Generate a New Report.” Use this link to update your CAPP as often as you like.

What-If Analysis

CAPP also has a tool built in for exploring majors and minors that you haven’t officially declared. This might be useful if you’re deciding between two majors or looking to add a minor to your degree program. The What-If tool uses your classes and grades and compares them with the requirements of any degree program you choose. Maybe you’re an English major and you want to add a Hispanic Studies minor, or you’re a Psychology major thinking of switching to Sociology. The What-If is a good way to see how your classes fit with the new or changed requirements. There’s a link for the “What-If Analysis” at the bottom of your CAPP Report.

General Education & International Honors Progress

Your progress in the General Education or IHON curriculum is displayed on your CAPP Report as soon as you become a student at PLU and continues until you graduate. During your sophomore year, you should be building on work done in your first year and making significant progress in meeting your GenEd requirements. During your junior and senior years, you will have likely satisfied most of your GenEd requirements; however, you are likely to have one or two remaining as well as your senior seminar requirement. The “met” and “unmet” GenEd elements will be displayed accordingly on your CAPP Report. Met requirements always show in black, and unmet requirements show in red.

When it’s really time!

Remember, you cannot earn a degree until your CAPP Report shows that all requirements are “Met.”


If you have any questions about CAPP, please contact your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office.