We hope you are well on your way to discovering your career path, but don’t worry if you’ve focused on other things. Whether you’ve done an internship or two and are clear on the direction you want to go or are dreading the “What are you going to do after graduation?” question, we can help. Even if you haven’t spent much time on your plans for life after PLU, don’t panic. The world won’t end if you don’t have a job the day after you get your diploma, but we can help you get on track and keep you out of your parents’ basement.

If you are ready to launch your career, you still can tune up your résumé, think of faculty who can write a letter of recommendation for you, learn how to conduct a successful job search, connect with PLU alumni through Lute Link (our career advisor network) and practice interviewing.

Still not exactly sure what being a graduate really means on a day-to-day basis? Conduct informational interviews and consider job-shadowing. Participate in one of Career Connections’ netTREKS, our employer site-visit program. Meet with seasoned professionals; learn about their companies, industries and hiring practices; and make some professional connections.

Consider enrolling in Psyc 213, Transitions: Life After College. This course explores life and work after college, specifically career opportunities, graduate-school options, cover letters, résumé writing, interviews and job-search techniques. Our career counselors will get you prepped and ready to embark on your career journey.

Career Connections provides many, many opportunities to help you. Our goal is for no PLU graduate to miss out on any of our services, so we’re also here for you even after you graduate.