First of all, welcome to PLU!

Now that you’ve experienced a year or two of college, it’s time to work on career tools with an eye toward finding an internship. Employers expect new graduates to have one or two internship experiences during college, and our career advisors and career peer educators can help with your resume and start incorporating your experience into your story. We can assist you in searching for internships, help you navigate the application process and prepare you for interviews.

Here are a couple tips as you go:

Stay involved! Many clubs & orgs are designed to complement your academics and are also resume-builders. Employers look for students who do more than study. Are you interested in a career in graphic arts? There’s a group for that. Want to explore finance? Serve as treasurer of a club!

Get to know PLU alumni. Career Connections provides many opportunities to connect with our alums, hundreds of whom sign up to give career advice through Lute Link. They will help you answer the question, “What can you do with a major in _________?” Attend alumni career panels. We collaborate with academic departments and bring graduates to campus to share their career journeys and pearls of wisdom.