We understand that the financial aid process can be confusing—even after you have received your offer of financial aid and are ready to begin life as a transfer student to PLU. The downloadable document “2017-18 Understanding and Accepting Your Financial Aid Award” is intended to answer common questions, as well as explain your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient. There is an important checklist, too—most of it was covered when you registered for classes in June, but check it out, just in case.

If you have questions this document does not answer, please stop by the Office of Student Financial Services at PLU and speak to a Student Financial Services Specialist. Or, at any stage in the financial aid process, call us at 253-535-7161, toll free at 1-800-678-3243 or e-mail sfs@plu.edu.
Also, check out these financial literacy tips for college students.


Student Loans: What You Need to Know


It’s not too early to think about your student loan repayment. In fact, with a little bit of planning you can set yourself up for successful loan repayment. Here are some tips for managing your student loans now:


  • Know how much you owe: Keep track of how much you are borrowing. For federal loans, go to the National Student Loan Data System website (NSLDS) to retrieve your loan information. Start a spreadsheet listing out each loan, balances, and payoff dates.


  • Know your loan servicer: This is where you will paying your student loans. If you don’t know who your servicer is go to NSLDS to check. Make sure your servicer knows how to reach you. If your address or contact information changes, be sure to update your servicer.


  • Manage your student loans online: Keep your login information for your loan servicer up to date and secure.  Check on your loans at any time, keep track of balances, payment history and plan for when your loans go into repayment.


  • Make payments or pay interest now: There is no penalty for early payment. Even a small payment will make a difference towards managing student loan debt.


If you are taking a federal direct unsubsidized loan, you can make payments on the interest while you are taking classes.  An interest payment on a $2,000 unsubsidized loan for 2017-18 could be as little as $10 a month! In this same scenario, a $2,000 unsubsidized loan for 2017-18; a payment of $15 a month could pay the interest and a portion of the principal.


If you need help understanding your student loans we can help. The Office of Student Financial Services has staff members who specialize in Financial Literacy and Exit Counseling. Make an appointment or stop by our office. We can help you login to NSLDS, figure out how much you owe in student loans, your loan servicer, answer questions about early repayment, and talk about repayment options that may be available to you when you graduate. We can also help you with questions about budgeting, credit, banking and more.  

Student Financial Services Specialists

The Student Financial Services Specialists are your personal contact and will be throughout your years at PLU. They will assist you with business functions including your financial aid, student account, online payment contract, and verification of enrollment, refunds and other valuable services. Staff in the Office of Student Financial Services will answer any questions about your PLU tuition statement, financial aid package or payment plan, now and during the academic year.

How Can New Students Make Money?

Career Connections, in the Ramstad Commons, is your one-stop-shop for employment. Staff there can help you:

  • Identify and apply for jobs on-campus and off.

  • Work-study and non-work study positions.
    Prepare a resume.

  • Plan for a successful interview.


Reflect upon what you have learned in your job to help you “package” it for future job searches. Fall 2017 position vacancies will be available online at the Student Employment website soon. Take time today to begin pre-employment paperwork and learn how to apply for on-campus jobs by visiting the employment website designed specifically for PLU students.