Students who have completed 60 credits at PLU are juniors and are asked to formally declare their major. Declaring a major at PLU means finding your “academic home,” where you can study a subject more in-depth. Once you declare a major, PLU’s knowledgeable faculty will guide and encourage you to develop greater knowledge and experience in a specialized subject area. Still trying to narrow down a major? Here are some helpful resources:


The Career Connections Office at PLU has several assessment tools to help you narrow your options. These inventories help identify your interest areas and personal traits, and then compare your preferences with the interests of people who report high levels of satisfaction working in various career fields. Assessments like these do not tell you which major is “the right major” for you, but the results can help you generate ideas about majors and occupations that are worth further exploration.

Interview a Faculty Member

Make an appointment to talk with a faculty member about the skills and areas of expertise you would develop in his or her discipline. Ask about employment of recent graduates in this area and internships that majors have completed or are completing.

Researching Majors in the Catalog

The PLU catalog is a great place to begin. Read through the catalog, and check the descriptions of majors that sound interesting. Will you be able to meet entrance requirements and prerequisites on time, particularly in majors that require separate applications (such as Nursing, Business and Education)? If you’ve completed most requirements for a major, would it make more sense to finish that major and pick up courses or a minor in another area of interest?

I’ve picked a major! Now what?

Congratulations! Now you should meet with the Faculty Chair of the department. When you meet with the Faculty Chair, he or she will fill out an online form to declare the major for you. (Special note: Students who want to major in Business, Education, Nursing and Social Work should complete an application form before meeting with a Faculty Chair.)