PLU has a robust network of employers who offer paid and unpaid internships, allowing PLU students to gain valuable insight into a career or field of study, building professional skills, and network. Internship opportunities exist during the academic year and during the summer and offer the opportunity to receive academic credit.

Experience matters!

§ 91.2% of employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant or any type of work experience.
§ 57% of employers prefer experience gained through internships (Data from National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2015)

For students, internships are invaluable at bridging classroom learning in the professional workplace, exploring career goals, gaining hands-on experience, and meaningfully contributing to a company or organization. Internships can be part- or full-time, short or long term, for credit or not for credit, paid or unpaid. Some opportunities are formally advertised, while others are found by word of mouth.

By your senior year, you’ve likely acquired experience through leadership activities, student organizations, volunteerism, an on-campus job, and perhaps an internship. Now that you’re planning to wrap up your PLU experience, it’s time to decide how to leverage it when pursuing full time job opportunities or graduate school. How will you market your skills and experiences to future employers?

PLU is here to assist you developing career goals, identifying employers that match your interests and skills, writing a resume, cover letter, and CV, preparing for an interview, networking, and salary negotiation. We want you to leave PLU armed with tools for success.

There are plenty of internships available to students post-graduation. In fact, many employers use internships as a pipeline to fulltime hiring. If you’re not ready to jump feet first into a permanent job, an internship is a smart way to explore an industry, employer, or position.

Did you know? Recruiting for summer internship occurs February through April, while some industries begin recruiting as early as September! That said, you should be begin preparing an entire calendar year before you intend to begin your internship.

Thinking of doing an internship?
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