What is it?

The PLU Knight Shield app is an app through Campus Safety that provides students, staff, faculty and guests access to important campus safety emergency and resource information, as well as methods to request assistance or report incidents.

How to get it:

The app is free to download and available for Apple and Android devices. Search 911 Shield in the app store, download it and choose Pacific Lutheran University from the list.

How to set it up:

After you select PLU, you will be prompted to input your profile. Add as much information as you want. The minimum requirement is your name and cellphone number. We are asking PLU students to input their PLU ID number into the “Policy Number” field. This will help us identity students fro admit and escort requests.

You can add emergency information such as allergies, medical conditions, doctors, etc. This information will display at the Campus Safety dispatch center when receiving a call from you phone via the app.


Call for help – You can use this feature to call 911 or Campus Safety emergency line.

iReport – This feature allows users to report incidents to Campus Safety. The user selects the incident category from a list and then types in details. There is an option to attach pictures or video with the report. Once Campus Safety receives the report, they will respond to the user via text. The user can choose to send their reports anonymously.


Escort/shuttle requests – Campus Safety provides walking escorts on campus 24/7 and shuttle rides from 4 p.m. - 3 a.m. daily during the academic year. To request an escort or ride, use the iReport function. Select “Escort Request” and type in your location for pickup and drop off. For parties more than one, be sure to include the number of riders in your text.

Other Requests – You can use the iReport feature to request assistance from Campus Safety for vehicle jump-starts and building or classroom admits.

Emergency Resources – The app is a source of information regarding campus emergency response procedures and available resources for students regarding sexual assault, domestic violence and crisis support services.

Friend Watch – From your list of contacts in your profile you can send a Friend Watch request. The Friend Watch features allows one of your contacts to “watch” you as you travel on foot from one location to the next. The system uses GPS and Google Maps to monitor your movement. This could be a good backup plan when you choose not to use the Campus Safety escort/shuttle program.


Contact PLU Department of Campus Safety at 253-535-7441 or csin@plu.edu

Learn more on the Campus Safety website