In a fast-paced university setting, find time to get centered, stay grounded and nurture your spiritual life.

Join your peers on Sunday evenings at 5pm for worship on campus with University Congregation (UCong). The UCong student worship band leads music and students are involved as leaders of prayers, communion, readings, and more. We meet in the Scandinavian Cultural Center (in the University Center) and then have a meal together in the commons.

Take a break on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:00am (no classes scheduled during this time!) for Chapel. This community-wide time is a chance to refresh, restore and renew for the day and week. Mondays are intentionally multicultural with music, prayer and expression. Wednesdays feature the Chapel choir, both spoken and sung liturgy and a variety of speakers. One Friday a month join us for a time of interfaith exploration and engagement.

Need time just to yourself? Check out of Multi-Faith Meditation & Prayer Space located in the University Center. Equipped with prayer rugs, singing bowls, meditation cushions, sacred texts and more, this is a place for you to take a deep breath, reflect and pray. Room is accessible via Lute card.