Understanding Official Transcripts and Diplomas

An official transcript is the official record of your academic history. Upon your graduation, the final official transcript displays all academic information (degree(s), major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), and course/grade details). The final official transcript is considered proof of a degree.

A diploma is a ceremonial document that honors the completion of a degree. A diploma is issued for each degree earned (multiple majors in the same degree do not get separate diplomas). Diplomas are usually displayed for personal use. Your diploma will display your degree and honors (if earned) information only. The diploma is not official proof of a degree.

Compare what information is listed on the Official Transcript vs the Diploma

 Official TranscriptDiploma
Student NameXX
Official SealXX
Degree Date*XX
Institutional Honors*XX
Departmental Honors*X
Dean's List*X
Term-by-term listing of course with gradesX
Transfer credit totalsX
Cumulative GPA (by term and overall)X
Considered acceptable as proof of a degreeX