Explore Majors— With Help!

As you continue classes at PLU, you might want to start thinking about choosing a major—or at the very least, start to narrow your options. While exploring majors now is great—and encouraged!—you will want to select one by the end of your sophomore year. Selecting a college major is a personal decision that involves considering your goals, strengths, likes, dislikes and what brings you happiness. Although some people make a decision based on perceived employment opportunities (and salary), it is important to select a major that will lead you to enjoyment in life.

Here’s how:

Ask Questions

The best way to learn more about majors and careers is to talk with knowledgeable people: Academic Advisors, Career Advisors and faculty at PLU, of course, but also family and community members. People love to talk about their jobs! For example, if you are interested in dentistry, why not interview a dentist about her college major and why she likes her job? Or, if you are interested in media, turn the tables and interview a reporter! Lute Link Career Advisors serve as points of contact for current students and other alumni.

Think About Your Strengths

Everyone is strong in some academic areas and not as strong in others. When are you at your best? If you enjoy Math, asking questions and working with material hands-on, you might consider a Chemistry major. If you prefer public speaking and analyzing media advertising, you could consider Communication. What you don’t want to do, though, is focus on a major that doesn’t match your strengths and interests. For example, if you are thinking of majoring in Nursing because you heard it’s a high-in-demand, well-paying job, but Science and Math courses aren’t your strong point, ask yourself whether Nursing is a realistic choice.

Explore Majors Through Classes at PLU

Every time you register for classes, you have the opportunity to explore majors. If you think you might like Anthropology, Math or Theater, take one class in each area. All majors have introductory classes so you can explore and consider majoring in them.