Faculty Resources

Academic Assistance services are proven to help students persist and succeed at PLU, but we are also here to serve and assist faculty. Tutors can collaborate with you to make class visits, put on skills workshops, facilitate test review sessions, and more, as you think creatively about how we can help your students learn most effectively.

Academic Assistance Tutors Information

Who are the tutors?

Our subject tutors are undergraduate PLU students who have successfully completed the lower-division courses in their major area and meet our minimum GPA of 3.3 in their major area and 3.0 cumulative. They are trained according to national College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) guidelines and after 10 hours of training and 25 hours of tutoring experience, they receive CRLA tutor certification.

What do they do?

All tutors welcome students warmly, listen actively and genuinely, and help them appropriately according to their needs. 

  • When a student is stuck on content, the tutor asks guiding questions, provides explanations and examples where necessary, and watches as the student works through the problem or question.
  • When a student is struggling more broadly with academics, the tutor provides strategies for managing heavy reading loads, taking and using notes effectively, interpreting assignment prompts, managing time and tasks for long-term and large assignments, thinking critically, and developing metacognition.
  • When a student is struggling with issues that are not academic (emotional, social, financial, physical or mental health, family, or other), the tutor recognizes the boundaries of their job and helps the student identify and connect with appropriate resources on campus. 

How can the tutors help you?

Class visits

  • Standard introductory visits at the beginning of the semester to inform students about their services
  • Support with activity in class

Test review sessions

  • Please communicate directly with the tutor(s) in your area to schedule these. 
  • Skills workshops (possible topics)
    • Documentation (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.)
    • Close reading
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Metacognition
    • Test preparation
    • Test taking 
    • Other? Feel free to collaborate with tutors in your area to come up with other ideas