How do I make an appointment?

Come in to the office and sign up on the board. Or call us at 253-535-7518 and the front desk will sign you up.

Where are you located?

We are on the first floor of the Mortvedt Library in Room 124.

What are your hours of operation?

The AAC’s office hours are 8:30 – 5:00 Monday through Friday. However, tutor appointments are often scheduled for early evening hours and some weekend hours.

Where does the tutoring take place?

Most of the tutoring appointments take place in the AAC office, Room 124 of the Library. However, various drop-in labs are conducted in Morken and Rieke. Specially scheduled test review sessions are scheduled in various locations on campus and are posted on our website. The same is true for Language Conversation Tables.

Do you have a tutor for every subject?

We have tutors for most disciplines. A list of tutor areas will provide you with a listing of subject, the individual tutors in those subjects, and the specific classes those tutors have taken at PLU in their tutoring areas.

How long is a tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions are scheduled in half hour increments.

Can I work with a tutor for more than half an hour?

If no one has signed up for the following half hour, you can ask the tutor to extend your session for another half hour.

How many tutoring sessions can I sign up for in one week?

Two sessions per subject.

Is there a fee for tutoring?

No. The tutoring service is provided free of charge to all PLU registered undergraduate students.

What happens if I can't attend my scheduled appointment?

Please call the office to cancel your appointment as soon as you know you will not be able to make it, so that we can free up that time for other students. Our number is 253-535-7518.

What can I do if the tutor is completely booked?

We post two weeks at a time.  If there are no openings in the current week, perhaps there will be an open slot the following week.  You can always request a group study session for you and your friends or classmates or a test review session. We’re happy to schedule those with a few days’ notice depending on the tutor’s availability.

Do you have tutoring during the entire academic year?

We have complete tutor coverage during the fall and spring terms. We offer limited tutoring during J-Term and summer. Our tutors are also free to cancel their hours during Dead Week. There is no tutoring during Finals Week.

What other services do you offer besides one-on-one tutoring?

We offer Language Conversation Tables, which are informal gatherings where a tutor will facilitate conversation in German, French, Norwegian and Spanish. We offer test review sessions, which are pre-scheduled in conjunction with specific classes. We offer Supplemental Instruction (SI) in Biology and Chemistry, also in conjunction with specific classes. We offer drop-in labs in Math, Geosciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Accounting.